6 Warning Signs Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

6 Warning Signs Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer can grow on any part of your body. Melanoma is usually seen growing on the face or the trunk in the case of men and for the women it grows on the lower part of the legs. Melanoma skin cancer attacks all skin tones alike. It can be seen as huge brownish eruption. It can appear as a mole that varies in size and color. It may appear as a small laceration with an erratic border that is in white, blue black, red or white in color. It may grow as dark laceration on the palms, tips of fingers, nose, vagina, mouth, anus or soles. The sores will not heal. They get itchy or delicate.

6 Warning Signs Of Melanoma Skin Cancer:

1. The Ugly Duckling

Mostly all the spots or moles on your body are of the same size and they look alike. The ugly duckling is a singled out dark mole among a number of light colored moles or a light colored mole in a group of dark colored mole. In any case it is singled out. If you find such a case on your body you should see your doctor at once. Melanomas are asymmetrical. When a line is drawn down the middle of the spot it is not equal in size.

The Ugly duckling

2. Vertical Dark Streak On Your Nail

The fatal skin cancer is inclusive of melanoma that is characterized by streaks of black color on the fingernails. It may grow pigmentation on the border of the particular nail. This melanoma is usually found in people in their fifties to seventies. The black or brown streak is over 3 millimeters wide. The look of the black streak band is changed. The thumb is the affected finger often and is pursued by the index finger and the big toe. The doctor will have to take a biopsy to confirm if it is melanoma.

Vertical dark streak on your nail

3. Eye Melanoma:

Eye Melanoma is also known as Ocular and it is the most usual kind of eye cancer. It usually attacks the uvea that is the vascular tier of the eye in the middle of the white of the eye and the retina. If the cancer begins in the eye it is called the primary cancer of the eye. If the cancer spreads from other parts of the body and infects the eye it is called the secondary cancer of the eye. It is secondary usually because out of 10 cases 9 start from the skin.

Eye Melanoma

4. A Pimple That Won’t Go Away:

Dermatologists have hoisted an alarm on the aggressive kind of melanoma that appears to look like an inoffensive pimple but is 6 times aggressive than other forms of melanoma. It looks like a red nodule on the skin that people mistake for a pimple or mole.

A pimple that won’t go away

5. Mole On The Sole Of Your Foot

The melanoma tumor starts in the cell of the skin called the melanocytes. It is located on the skin and the cells aid in producing a dark pigment that occurs naturally called the melanin. These growths on the soles of the foot are not rare. Foot cancer may result in fatal consequences but it is possibly treated if it is diagnosed and treated early and properly. Foot cancer occurs due to vulnerability to viruses, carcinogenic chemicals or persistent swelling.

Mole on the sole of your foot

6. A Black Spot Inside Your Cheek:

A black spot inside your cheek that has appeared there without having bitten accidentally or without an injury may be due to early stages of melanoma in the mouth.

A black spot inside your cheek



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