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6 Traditional Secrets of Skin Care From Grannys Secret Little Diary


Skin is a very important part of our body that protects the internal organs from external forces. Proper care and use of the right cosmetics and beauty products can improve the condition of skin. Many people suffer from skin problems like acne, spots and wrinkles. Have you thought how women of older generation maintained their beauty? We all adore the beautiful skin of our mother. The elderly women in our family looked very gorgeous. Even our grandmother took special care of the skin. They emphasized the importance of using natural remedies and products for treating common skin problems. We will discuss about some skin care secrets followed by our grandmothers in the earlier times.

Following Are The Top 6 Traditional Secrets To Skin Care From Grannys Secret Little Diary

Oatmeal And Honey

The cold weather of winters is not good for the skin. It causes many types of skin problems like excessive dryness. Add honey to oatmeal. To this, you should add little amount of fresh milk cream. Apply on your face. Wash the skin after twenty minutes. The skin will become soft and smooth.


Red Lentil And Sandalwood

Grind red lentil along with pistachios. Add sandalwood powder to this mixture. To this, add powdered orange peel. Mix all ingredients well. Take little amount of powder and mix milk with it to soak it. Keep for fifteen minutes. Apply on face. Wash the face after fifteen minutes.


Honey And Gram Flour

Oily skin has excess sebum production and it looks very shiny. Add honey to gram flour. Mix both ingredients well. Apply the paste on face. Wash the face after some time. It will control excess oiliness of the skin.


Natural Soaps

Our grandmothers often recommend using natural soaps for washing the face. People who have sensitive skin should use pears soap. The soap doesn’t cause any allergy so it is safe for the skin. You can also use neem soap.


Egg White

Blackhead is a common problem for many women. You can use egg white to treat this problem. Add lemon juice to it and mix well. Apply on face on affected areas. It will help in removing the blackheads.

Egg White

Witch Hazel

Women of older generations used witch hazel as a facial toner. It has astringent properties and it helps in closing the skin pores. Use it after cleansing the skin. You can also use witch hazel to treat skin damaged by bruises.

Witch Hazel


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