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6 Top Super Foods To Fight Common Cold

6 Top Super Foods To Fight Common Cold

Almost every body has an experience of Common cold problem. This is a very common disease around the globe and it is mainly observed in the time of season change. It has certain symptoms like sneezing, itching in throat, slight temperature in body etc. Often we have tried some medicines to treat common cold. But do you know that several food items are available in this world which can help us in fight with common cold. This food items helps you in providing resistance against common cold problem. You
can include this food items in your regular diet to prevent common cold problem.

Top Super Foods To Fight Common Cold


Orange is a superb food item which is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps us to prevent the problem of common cold. This essential vitamin actually builds the immunity power in our body which is very important for fighting against common cold problem. So try to include this food item in your regular diet to get rid from common cold problem.



Honey is another great food item which is also helpful for fighting with common cold problem in a healthy way. It is on e of the best home remedy used for common cold world wide. According to the Ayurveda this food item is used for treating with common cold from ancient times. You can consume it raw or can mix 1 or 2 tea spoon of pure honey with one glass of Luke warm milk to get rid from common cold. Another popular home remedy for common cold you can try with honey. Take 4 to 5 basil leaves and wash them properly with water. Now consume them with one tea spoon of honey twice a day. This will help you to fight with all the problems of common cold.


Green Chili:

Green chili is used as spices in our dishes which has also a great power to fight with common cold problem. This food items tastes hot and it gives you relief in common cold. Regular consumption of this food item in a little amount in your diet will provide you benefit common cold problem.

Green Chili

Turmeric Milk:

Do you ever try turmeric milk in common cold problem. This is an effective home remedy which provides you effective result in fight with common cold problems. Take one glass of Luke warm milk and mix 1-2 pinches of turmeric powder with it. Stir well and drink it. Try this milk twice a day for best results. Turmeric has certain compounds in it which protects you from the problem of common cold. Milk is a great source of Calcium which also plays an effective role in preventing common cold in a natural way. Take a regular dose of this milk before you go to bed at night for best results.

Turmeric And Milk

Ginger Tea:

Ginger Tea also provides you great result in the problems of common cold. It gives you relief from the common cold symptoms like soared throat, sneezing etc. in a very effective way. So, when you try to get rid from common cold try this food item for a sure relief from common cold problem.

Ginger Tea

Black Pepper:

Do you know that Black Pepper can do well in common cold problem? Actually according to the Ayurveda Black Pepper which is mainly used as a spice, plays a vital role to fight against common cold problem. Try it in making of a cup of spiced tea to get rid from common cold. Or you can prepare a home made concoction with black pepper.

Black Pepper



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