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6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Lips Beautiful

Simple Tips To Keep Your Lips Beautiful

The same as eyes, lips are another beauty spot of a women. Due to pollution, no doubt they are losing their beauty and getting dark day by day. For this reason, cosmetic is paving a secure path for itself. If we keep on using such cosmetics then we will lose the natural color and beauty of our lips. Therefore, it is time to shun away for such harsh cosmetics and do something natural that not just save your lips but restore its natural shine and sheen. Down here are mentioned 6 such natural tips that you can rely upon for regaining the soft, luscious and kissable lips.

 Here Are Simple Tips To Keep Your Lips Beautiful

Keep Lips Hydrated

From 50%-60% water constitutes of the body, a small amount of water maintains the natural health of the lips too. The proper availability of water in the body shows on your body, lips being the first one to show. Therefore in order to retain the lost moisture and color back, it is extremely important to hydrate your body with plenty of water, especially in winter season. Other than water, you can add watery fruits like watermelon, cucumber, orange and lemon into your diet.


Avoid Licking Or Biting Your Lips

Many of you might be having this habit of biting and licking your lips. At the time of licking your lips, saliva further dries out the lips eventually causing darkening and while biting there are chances of causing damage to the lips. Therefore, instead of falling for such habit, you must keep hem moisturized and protect with some effective lip balm.

Avoid Licking Or Biting Your Lips

Use Some Homemade Remedy For Lips

Soft, pink, and juicy lips are something that we all want. Therefore other than looking for natural product or product with SPF, you too can prepare some remedy at home and gain the desired benefits. I is best to use home treatment as the product that we use contain no chemicals and come cost-effective.

almond oil and honey

To make the lip therapy home remedies, mix little almond oil and honey and apply on your lips. Massage on your lips. Alternatively, mix lime juice with glycerin and apply on the lips. In both the cases, keep the remedy overnight before rinsing off.

Use Lip Products With SPF

The truth is completely against this. Today, instead of choosing lip color with SPF, we tend to choose the one which are colorful and highlights them. As exposure of sun rays brings darkness to the lips and damage them, it is highly advisable to use lip product that has high SPF and protect your lips from any harsh factor.

Use Lip Products With Spf

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week

Be it any part of the skin, our cells keep on undergoing through a constant process of replacing the dead layer on the skin and replacing it with a fresh layer. This process when occurs with lips makes them soft, and supple. But there are times, when this layer does not sheds completely making your lips looking dull and dark. To overcome or shed this layer, use a natural scrub once a week. You can use olive oil and sugar mixture for exfoliation and apply natural lip product after rinsing it off.

Exfoliate lips At Least Once A Week

Maintain The Moisture On Your Lips

It is the lack of moisture that causes innumerable trouble for the health of the lips. Therefore be preemptive and spray some powder on your handkerchief. Hold the handkerchief against your lips and press down from time to time. It might seem absurd to do but it is one of the best way to moisturize your lips.



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