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6 Simple Natural Acne Remedies


Do you have oily skin? Then the problem of Acne is very much natural to you. A sudden attack of acne can spoil your day. Acnes often left marks on your skin and they look very ugly. Do you want to treat your acne naturally? Then please try this amazing home remedies which are really effective for you. These acne remedies are really inexpensive and can be done with simple ingredients available around you.

Try These Simple Home Remedies To Cure Your Acne Naturally

Sandal Wood Paste For Acne

Sandal Wood is a very common natural ingredient to us. This particular natural remedy is well known around the globe to curing your acne in a natural way. Sandal Wood paste is highly effective to remove the acne from your skin as well as the acne scars in your skin. You can take required amount of sandal wood powder and little water to make paste out of it. And then just apply the paste on the acne of your skin. Finally wash off with cold water. Regular use of this natural home remedy gives you a relief from acne. Otherwise you can take a sandalwood stick and then make paste by rubbing it with water on a concrete slab. Then you can use this paste as usual for your acne.

Sandal Wood

Naturally Treat Acne With Basil Leaf

Basil leaves are easily available inexpensive natural ingredient and it is also another important home remedy which effectively treat acnes from your skin. Just take one handful of basil leaf and make a fine paste with it. Then apply it especially on the Acne of your face and when it gets dry just wash it off with normal water. You can also try another home remedy with basil leaves. Take handful of basil leaves and boil it in 1 cup of water. Wait till it reduced to ½ cup. Strain it and when cooled pour it in a bottle. Apply this home made basil toner on your acne with a cotton pad several times a day. Regular application will give a prompt solution for your acne.


Apple Cider Vinegar And White Clay

Apple cider vinegar plays a vital role in curing acne. It is an excellent natural ingredient find in your kitchen which has a power of curing acne fast from your skin. White Clay is basically Kaoline powder which is easily found in any departmental store and is not so expensive. Combine these both ingredients to make a paste and apply it on the acne first and then in whole face leaving the eye area. When it goes dry wash off this face pack with cold water. Regular use of this amazing inexpensive natural remedy helps you to remove acne from your skin.

apple cider

Indian Lilac A Popular Natural Remedy

Indian Lilac is enriched with natural anti bacterial and anti septic properties. So it is so much popular home remedy for your acne and pimples. You can make fine paste from raw Indian Lilac leaves and directly apply it on your acnes. The anti bacterial property of Indian Lilac zaps your acne fast and makes your skin beautiful. You a prepare a home made toner for treating your acne. Take 2 cups of water and boil 4 cups of chopped Indian Lilac in to it. Boil it until it reduced in half of its quantity. Strain the whole thing and allow cooling. Then pour it in a sterilized bottle and keep the bottle in refrigerator. Apply this toner on your acne with a cotton pad several times a day to treat your acne fast.

Indian Lilac

Honey And Cinnamon Paste

Try this excellent and inexpensive natural home remedy to treat your acne. You can use just two simple ingredients from your kitchen which is used in your daily cooking. One is Cinnamon and the other is honey. First grind a cinnamon stick in to fine powder and then mix required amount of pure honey in to it to make a smooth paste. Now add few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice in to it. Now apply this paste on your acne and wait until it goes dry. Wash off this remedy with normal water. It is a superb remedy to treat your acne.

Honey And Cinnamon

Turmeric And Indian Lilac

Turmeric is another most inexpensive skin care ingredient found in your kitchen which is also very much helpful in treatment of acne. Turmeric is also blessed with anti bacterial a property which is helpful in curing acne and it also removes the spots of acne from your skin. Take raw turmeric, peel it if required and then make fine paste with it. Now make a fine paste with raw Indian Lilac leaves. Mix these two pastes and apply all over your face leaving the eye area and neck. Leave this face pack on your skin for half an hour and then rinse off this face pack with normal water. Use this face pack daily to get rid of acne naturally.




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