6 Immune Boosting Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Immune Boosting Foods That Promote Weight Loss

For staying fit and healthy, it is necessary that your immune system runs smoothly. Your immune system guards the body against attacks from invaders like bacteria, viruses and fungi and defends your body from infections and different forms of cancers. To keep your immune system functioning at its peak and on guard, eating certain nutrients is must. Some nutrient rich foods that have been found to strengthen your immune system are vitamin C-rich foods like broccoli and citrus fruit, fruits and vegetables containing bioflavanoids, vitamin E rich foods like nuts, whole grains etc. Besides these foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, selenium rich foods, zinc and carotenoid rich foods have been found to enhance the immune system. Adding these nutrient rich foods in your diet will strengthen your immune system and prevent flu, cold and other infections. Here we have come up with six foods that will not only boost your immune system but will also help to shed some kilos because of their metabolism boosting powers and help you stay fuller longer, which in turn will allow you to lose some weight.

6 Immune Boosting Foods That Promote Weight Loss


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