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6 Effective Natural Lip Balm Recipes Lip Balm


We all love chill of the winters and waking up to the glorious morning sun with misty breeze blowing ever softly. But this season brings about some skin and lips vows as well. Dry and chapped lips are companions of this season.


However get ready to kiss those problems goodbye as here we are introducing these wonderful and oh so easy to make lip balms right at the comfort of your home. You can mix the ingredients that suit you, the fragrances that please you and you will have your own signature lip balm. You can also go on to gift them to your friends this winter! Most of the homemade balm recipes have beeswax in them, if you do not get it then just refrigerate the balm and it will set in beautifully even without the beeswax.

Natural Lip Balm Recipes

1. Creamy Cream

If you have milk at your place then you are sure to have ample of milk cream as well unless you are the diet type. You can even source the milk cream from your grocery. The cream is the most effective natural moisturizer for your skin and when you add some magical ingredients to cream, it works magic on your skin too! Take half a bowl of cream and keep it at room temperature and keep stirring it in between so that you have a nice smooth and thick consistency.

Creamy Cream

Add 3-4 drops of lavender oil in it and mix thoroughly. Grate 1/4th bowl of beeswax in a vessel and keep it on the double boiler. After the beeswax has melted completely, let it cool down to a warmer temperature where it is still in liquid form. Add the lavender-infused cream in the beeswax and blend both of these ingredients. Pour immediately in a balm bottle and leave for 2-3 hours or until it is set.

2. Sweet Honey

Honey is not only great to taste but is also an anti-bacterial moisturizer. It keeps your skin supple without making it look oily. Therefore, it is but natural that this had to be part of a balm recipe. Take 3-4 spoons of honey and add 2 spoons of Aloe Vera gel to it. Since both of these ingredients do not have a particularly strong smell and Aloe Vera would dilute the smell of honey anyways, you may add 2-3 drops of rose oil in this mixture. Now grate about 3 spoons of beeswax and melt it in a double boiler.

Sweet Honey

Add the beeswax to the honey, Aloe Vera and rose oil mixture at room temperature. Pour it in the balm container and let it set. Another recipe of honey balm that you may try out would involve mixing some coconut oil to the honey. Take about half a bowl of coconut oil and to it add some dried ground rose petals. Heat it until it begins to emit a slight rose aroma. Add one spoon of this oil to the honey. Aloe Vera and rose oil mixture. Rest of the recipe remains same where you have to melt the beeswax and finish the balm preparation.

3. Rich Chocolate

We all love chocolates and their flavour is to die for. So we decided to bring this recipe especially for all the chocolate lovers out there! You are going to love this balm as much as we do. Take one part Almond oil and melt it completely. Add two part cocoa butter and melt it on a double boiler. To this add either orange, vanilla or mint oil whichever happens to be your favourite flavour.A

Rich Chocolate

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Keep aside the cocoa butter and melt about the same quantity of beeswax as the cocoa butter. Now while keeping the beeswax in the double boiler, add rest of the ingredients in it as soon as the beeswax has melted completely. Mix it thoroughly. To finish, just add half a spoon of cocoa powder which will darken the colour of this balm. To add sweetness you may go for a half a spoon of honey but it is optional and completely up to you.

4. Rosy Rose

Rose is a hue which denotes the perfect lips so no wonder it works beautifully as a base of lip balm as well. For this recipe, take about half a bowl of coconut or olive oil. Add half a spoon of ground dried and 4-5 fresh rose petals to the oil. Heat the oil until it begins to emit the aroma of rose.

Rosy Rose

Strain the oil mixture through a mesh. Add one spoon of strawberry puree in the oil for colour. Mix them vigorously and strain the oil one more time. Take double the quantity of beeswax on a double boiler and to this add 1-2 drops of rose oil. Mix in all ingredients after wax has completely melted.

5. Vanilla Butter

Vanilla smells as wonderful as it tastes and so just imagine taking a whiff of this great aromatic wherever you go! Take half a bowl of Shea butter and beeswax in same quantity for melting on a double boiler. In another bowl mix 3 spoons of baby oil and about 4-5 drops of vanilla essence or oil. Mix in this mixture with the butter and wax.

Vanilla Butter

Add a spoonful of cocoa powder or coffee powder for the colour and slight flavour. Pour this in the balm container and let it rest for at least 3 hours for the setting.

6. Luscious Strawberries

Strawberry flavour is a favourite of even the lips product companies. They add the flavour and colour to lipsticks, chapsticks and lip balms. So let’s work with this flavour to make one strawberry balm right at home. Take 2-3 very ripe strawberries, add one spoon of honey to them and blend these two beautiful ingredients well.

Luscious Strawberries

Take a spoon of cream and mix in with the berry and honey mixture. In a double boiler add 3-4 spoons of beeswax and melt it. Mix all the ingredients after the beeswax is at warm temperature. If it is too hot then the cream in the mixture will split and therefore you must be careful that the beeswax is at its minimum temperature where it is still in liquid state.



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