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6 Effective Home Remedies For Nervous Weakness


Most of us lead a very fast life with increasing demands of our personal and professional lives. People are spending more time at their office with no rest and physical activity in between. Even when we are at home, we like to pass our time with gadgets and screen devices like television and mobiles. This leads to inactivity with no exercise. A sedentary life is the major cause of many health problems that affect us. It puts a very bad effect on our nervous system. The brain and nerves get affected leading to nervous weakness. There is sluggishness, tiredness and nervous feeling due to this. This is a serious problem that needs to be treated in a proper way. Home remedies can help in this. We will suggest some easy remedies for nervousness.

Following Are The 6 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Nervous Weakness

1. Eat Banana

Banana is a useful fruit for cuing nervous weakness. The fruit contains potassium and natural sugars for increasing energy levels and treating the problem of weakness. It is beneficial to take a banana shake.


2. Take A Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy diet is very important for the nervous system health. Eat dairy foods like milk and yoghurt. Eat berries and green leafy vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Non-vegetarian people should eat fish and meat.


3. Take Vitamin B1 And D

Eating foods that contain Vitamin B1 is very good for the nervous system. It improves the health of spine and brain. You should also eat foods that contain Vitamin D. Sit in the sunlight for some time for getting this vitamin in a natural way.


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4. Eat Nuts

Nuts like almonds help in treating nervous weakness. It contains nutrients that help in increasing energy in our body and calming the mind. Consume soaked almonds after removing its skin. You can also eat walnuts, cashew nuts, dates and raisins.


5. Do Meditation And Deep Breathing

You can calm down your nervous system by doing deep breathing exercise. You should do controlled breathing exercises in yoga called pranayam, which is very effective for our nerves. Doing meditation also helps in calming the mind.


6. Do Exercise

Regular physical activity and exercise helps in making the body healthy including the nervous system. You can do walking, cycling, swimming, dancing and stair climbing. It is beneficial to do aerobic exercises.



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