6 Effective Home Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

Are you a victim of annoying and irritating seasonal allergies? Definitely, you might be because seasonal allergies like redness of eyes, sniffing, itchiness of eyes and sneezing can easily target anyone. Such seasonal allergies mainly occur due to sudden changes in climatic condition and many times it may arouse as a side effect of any disease or ineffective medications too. However, it is advisable to visit your family doctor clinic at the time of seasonal allergy but apart from this, following home remedies can also ease discomfort and irritation arouse due to season based allergies.

Here Are 6 Effective Home Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

1. Nettle Peppermint Tea

Nettle is a natural herb which is believed to be somehow bad for human health but in reality, nettle is an amazing herb which can give fast relief from complications like low blood pressure, arthritis too apart from easing seasonal allergies. Tea made from leaves of peppermint and nettle secretes anti-inflammatory enzymes like histamines. You can easily prepare this tea by placing 1/4th cup of fresh nettle leaves and 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint in 8 ounces of boiling water followed by steeping it for 10 minutes. Drinking this tea twice a day can give fast relief from all types of seasonal allergies [1].

Nettle Peppermint Tea

2. Drink Red Onion Water

Onion is highly rich in a water soluble compound called quercetin  which can alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies by lowering amount of histamine enzyme. To make this drink, you’ll need to mix 1 red onion in 4 cups of water and then infusing it for 8-10 hours. It is advisable to keep it in a refrigerator for 4 days before drinking it so that it can perform as anti-histamine for long time [2].

Drink Red Onion Water

3. Rinse Your Nose With A Saline

This is a major step to reduce irritation of seasonal allergies which prevents it from growing. Rinsing a nose with a saline lowers the need for medication thereby washing away the pollen completely from nose. You must repeat this activity twice a day so as to keep bacteria and viral infection away from your body.

Rinse Your Nose With A Saline

4. Drink Citrus Fruits Juice

Drinking juice made from citrus fruits is an amazing remedy to alleviate discomfort of seasonal allergies greatly. Citrus drinks delivers refreshment to its consumer in warm sunny days as such drink contains plenty of vitamin C which is responsible for nourishing immune system. You can easily prepare your juice with 2 oranges and ½ lemon mixed with small amount of honey followed by adding some ice cubes to your drink so as to make your energy drink cool for your health.

Drink Citrus Fruits Juice

5. Eat Bee Pollen

Eating bee pollen can also help in reducing discomfort of seasonal allergies. To get effective result from pollen granules, you’re required to start with chewing ½ tablespoon of pollen granules and as you’ll start attaining relief from your allergy, you can increase your dosage up-to 1 tablespoon after 1 week [3].

Eat Bee Pollen

6. Eat Apple Walnut Mixture

If you’re a victim of seasonal allergies like itching and sneezing then the trial mix of apple walnut can help you in removing your allergy symptom. Apple is a delicious fruit which contains quercetin like onion and therefore, it also has an ability to reduce the production of histamine enzymes naturally. Walnuts on the other hand, are highly rich in magnesium and Vitamin E which can boost function of immune system finally removing the allergies completely.  Apple Walnut trial mix is also healthy for improving skin tone too.

Eat Apple Walnut Mixture


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