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6 Effective Herbal Remedies For Skin


Do you ever try herbal remedies for your skin problem? No! Then try now. It amazingly works on your skin problems naturally. These remedies are made with simple herbs which can be found around our home easily. As these herbs are natural so they does not cause any harmful effect on our skin like other artificial cosmetics products. Every skin has certain skin problems of it which has solutions in these herbs. These herbs are easily available around us and play an important role in solving skin related problems than any other cosmetic products. So, why are you waiting for? Use these essential herbs in solving different skin related issues.

List Of 6 Simply Effective Herbal Remedies For Skin


Lemongrass is well known for its great anti microbial, anti oxidant and anti fungal and properties. The medicinal property of this herb is used for improving the texture of your skin. The anti oxidant property of this herb keeps the aging signs away from your skin if it is consumed in a daily basis. The anti fungal property of this superb herb keeps away the fungal infections from your skin especially in monsoon. Daily consumption of a cup of Lemongrass tea will provide you all the skin benefits to you in a natural way.



It is also a great herb which has soothing effect on your skin. Licorice is well known for its skin whitening properties and plays an effective role in pigmentation problems. If you have patchy skins due to pigmentation then try this effective herb to get rid from this skin problem. It mildly works on your skin to remove the problem and gives you an even toned skin naturally. Use this great herb in your regular face packs to get best result.



Nettle is a superb herb which has great effect for treating seasonal allergies and skin disorders. It works on your skin in a fantastic way removing all of the skin problems in a natural way. It gives you relief in skin odors and sweating.



It is a well known herb for skin infections and used largely in irritable skin conditions. It has a great use in healing of minor wounds. We get Lavender essential oil from this superb herb which plays an effective role in different types of skin issues and that’s why it is widely used in cosmetic products. This amazing herb naturally cures any type of skin infections of your skin naturally. This herb is mild on your skin and does not posses any harsh effect on your skin.



Peppermint is a great herb which provides effective result in skin disorders if it is used regularly in your face packs. The taste and aroma can be energizing and stress reducing. Peppermint oil is effective for the prickly heat problems as it gives you natural cooling effects after immediate application. Do you ever try this home remedy for prickly heat? Mix 10 drops of peppermint oil in a bucket of water and bath with this water to get rid from the prickly heat problems naturally. Peppermint is also effective in treatment of heat rashes too.



This great herb is rich in vitamin C and it is actually the fruit of the rose plant. It is one of the best plant
sources of vitamin C, which works fantastic in keeping healthy skin and tissues. You can get all the benefits of this superb herb by consuming a cup of rosehip tea daily.



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