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6 Cleansing Homemade Face Scrub Recipes For Blemished Skin


6 Cleansing Homemade Face Scrub Recipes For Blemished Skin

All beauty-conscious people are very much aware of the significance of exfoliating their skin, and embrace it as an essential step in their beauty regimen. Exfoliation, the process that involves the elimination of the oldest dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, is best done with scrubbing the skin.

Facial scrubs are a great way in achieving smooth, healthy, and radiant skin since they efficiently take away accumulated impurities from the skin’s outermost surface making your skin look nice, young and blemish-free. People with blemished skin are especially in need of exfoliation, since natural face scrubs are great in fighting breakouts and blemishes.

Excellent Recipes For Cleansing Homemade Face Scrub For Blemished Skin

Market is packed with a million face scrub products claiming unbelievable skin benefits. But you can actually make cleansing homemade face scrubs for blemished skin that are better than these commercially-prepared exfoliating scrubs. Since homemade blemish-fighting facial scrubs are enriched with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals, you can use them to enjoy blemish-less skin that exudes youthfulness.

1. Sugar Face Scrub

Sugar is a very common and effective exfoliating ingredient when it comes to making your own DIY face scrub. Refined sugar granules serve as a very mild and cleansing face scrub. It effectively exfoliates blemished skin by cleaning it from deep within. Sugar granules work as a stimulating scrub without hurting your sensitive skin. You can take a spoonful of sugar in your palm rub it gently on a cleansed and wet face.

Massage sugar in circular motion as it melts, and rinse off with plain water to discover cleansed and clean feel. You can mix sugar with other natural ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of scrubbing. Blend sugar with organic honey and use the mixture for exfoliation. For homemade sugar facial scrub you can use either plain white sugar or brown sugar. The latter is the best for sensitive skin.

Sugar Face Scrub



2. Oatmeal Face Scrub

Oatmeal is another down to earth ingredient to make cleansing homemade face scrub for blemished skin. One can use either the cooked oats or the uncooked one to prepare homemade face scrub. You can prepare an easy to make facial scrub by mixing finely powdered oats with sufficient quantity of water.

By gently scrubbing your face regularly with this mild scrub will enable you to gain radiant and bright skin gradually. A mixture of equal parts of oats and organic honey makes another fine homemade scrub. Oats is great in removing dead skin cells effectively. It helps in smoothing, toning and hydrating your skin. Mixing ground oatmeal with lemon juice and yogurt make another great homemade scrub recipe.

Oatmeal Face Scrub

3.  Almond Face Scrub

Almonds are well-known skin nourishing agents that work well as skin exfoliant. Grind a handful of almonds coarsely, and mix it with 2 tsp of honey. Apply it on face and massage in circular movements gently. This blemish-fighting scrub works wonders in clearing clogged pores. The skin lightening properties of almonds assist in giving you brighter skin tone, while nourishing substances in honey make your skin smooth and revitalized.

The antibacterial, antimicrobial with healing properties of honey cure and treat blemished skin. Be cautious not to finely powder almonds, since granular form is the best to serve the exfoliation purpose.


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4. Essential Oil Face Scrub

Adding some essential oils to one or more of the basic scrub ingredients is a great way to prepare cleansing homemade face scrub for blemished and problem skin. Olive oil, safflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil etc. are very good candidates to be added in a homemade face scrub recipe. Olive oil is a great choice, since it does not clog pores. Basil oil and tea tree oil are some of the best essential oils given that they heal and mend skin blemishes.

Make a gooey homemade face scrub by blending oatmeal, organic honey and apple cider vinegar. Add a few drops of basil oil or tea tree oil to the mixture and use it as a regular face scrub. The oils will stimulate healing process and help you in discovering clear skin that feels refreshed and revitalized. Another great homemade face scrub recipe can be made by blending one cup white sugar, half cup almond oil, half teaspoons of Vitamin E oil and real vanilla extract, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. This can be stored in an airtight container. Jojoba oil is another great essential oil that stays closest to the natural oils produced by our skin.

Essential Oil Face Scrub

5.  Strawberry Face Scrub

Strawberries are favorite ingredients in many facial masks and scrubs, since they are excellent in treating blemished skin. This super-cute and delicious fruit contain salicylic acids that help get rid of dead cells and clear acne. Pampering your skin with strawberry extract will surely help you in getting brighter and clear skin.

You can add mashed strawberry pulp in any scrubbing ingredients to get the added benefits of this fruit. Mix two table spoons of organic honey, lemon juice and yogurt. Add mashed strawberries and mix well. Use this mixture as an effective cleansing face scrub for blemished skin. Lactic acid in yogurt helps in making your skin even toned and smooth, while the astringent properties in lemon tighten pores and lighten skin tone.

strawberry face mask

6. Salt Face Scrub

We started with sugar face scrub, and it won’t be fair to end the article without mentioning its salty counterpart. Salt is a great cleansing exfoliate agent for blemished skin. Epsom salts are the best choice. This easy to make recipe includes just salt and water. Mix the required quantity of salt with sufficient water and use it as an all natural face scrub. Salt does wonders in brushing away dead skin cells and dirt accumulations. Mixing salt with lemon juice is also great.

Regular exfoliation is important to promote effective dead skin removal and skin cell regeneration. Using all natural homemade face scrub is an effective way to refine the skin’s texture, giving it a soft and supple look. Regular scrubbing will also ensure that improved blood flow and resultant glow. People with blemished skin can maintain clean and clear look for their skin, since these scrub recipes are great in keeping impurities and blemishes at bay.

Salt Face Scrub



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