6 Bloat-Busting Foods

Bloat Busting Foods

Bloating-fluid build up between cells in your body is not only uncomfortable but painful and annoying also. A bloated belly leaves a feeling of fullness, fatigue and fat buildup around the waist. It is caused due to trapped air, poor digestion, water retention, lack of digestive juices, food intolerance, poor diet and lack of nutrients, too much sodium, lack of exercise, hormones bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine and gas. Regardless of the cause, choosing a diet rich-in bloat busting foods and help you to beat the bulge. These bloat-busting foods will help to eliminate excess water and gas-producing elements that accumulates in the gut and makes your tummy more rounded up. To beat the bloat, eat slowly, so that you don’t swallow too much air while eating, avoid stress which often disrupts digestion and limit your sodium intake. And most importantly add these 6 bloat busting foods in your diet. These foods will help to improve your digestion and aid in minimizing gas.

6 Bloat-Busting Foods


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