6 Best Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil On Hair And Scalp

6 Best Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil On Hair And Scalp

The essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian tea tree is best known for its antiseptic property. In the folk medicines, it is used as a remedy for fungal and bacterial infections. This property of tea tree oil helps in clearing dandruff and scalp infections that are responsible for excessive hair fall and poor hair growth. For this reason, it is added to hair conditioners, hair masks and shampoos. Just a few drops of tea tree oil works wonders for the hair. It helps reduce flaking and itching of the scalp. It is known to unclog pores, thereby helping in hair growth. Tea tree oil is also an effective natural remedy for head lice.

For Healthy Hair And Scalp, You Can Use Tea Tree Oil In The Following Ways:

1. Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the best natural products for hair care. It conditions the hair and nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. To get rid of dandruff or lice, mix 3 to 5 drops of tea tree oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply the oil mixture to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for 12 hours or overnight. Wash off with your regular shampoo [1].

2. Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera gel is a natural hair conditioner. It is known to stimulate hair growth and helps reduce dandruff. Combine few drops of tea tree oil with some aloe vera gel and apply the mixture to the scalp. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse. Apply this tea tree oil and aloe vera mixture several times a week for at least two weeks [2] .

Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera

3. Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil:

The essential oils of tea tree, lemon and ylang ylang help in making the hair less greasy. To clean greasy hair, combine these essential oils with your regular shampoo. Washing hair with shampoo enriched with essential oils adds sheen and volume to the tresses. To 30 ml of your usual shampoo, add five drops of tea tree oil, four drops of lemon essential oil and four drops of ylang ylang essential oil. Shake the bottle well to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Wash hair with this shampoo [3].

Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil

4. Tea Tree Oil and Water:

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for head lice. To a pint of distilled water, add 25 drops of tea tree oil. Rub this diluted tea tree oil to your scalp and hair. Leave it on. Apply this natural disinfectant thrice daily. After the third application rinse your hair. To remove the lice and eggs, comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb [4].

5. Tea Tree Oil and Castile Soap:

Homemade tea tree oil shampoo helps remove dandruff and improves the health of the hair. To make the shampoo you will need ¼ cup liquid castile soap, ¼ cup water, ½ teaspoon olive oil and 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil. In a clean bottle, put all the ingredients. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously to blend the ingredients. Wash your hair with this shampoo [5].

Tea Tree Oil and Castile Soap

6. Tea Tree Oil and Egg:

Pamper your hair with deep hair conditioner made by combining egg and tea tree oil. Whisk an egg until frothy. Add a tablespoon of olive or jojoba oil and one drop of tea tree oil. Blend the ingredients well. Wash your hair and on damp hair, apply the conditioner. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off the mixture [6].

Tea Tree Oil and Egg



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