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6 Beauty Tips This Summer

Every time when summer comes, it greets you with little sweating followed by heavy pollution & the intense chaos of UV rays. All these factors when join hands play havoc for any skin type. Although, you can do nothing to bring changes to weather but you can definitely make attempts to save your skin. Other than preparing one or the other remedies for you, you must be having the correct knowledge of how to bring perfectness in your skin. In order to do so, you must go through the 6 beauty tips for your skin especially in summers. Follow these tips & you will be able to save the wrath of summer for some other day.

6 Beauty Tips For Summer

1. Minimize Makeup

It is summer, if you wear heavy makeup, you are guaranteed to meet frequent breakouts of acnes & spoiling of skin after. Do you want to cause complete ruin of skin for the sake of looking good for only a month or two? If you don’t want that than try to wear as little makeup as possible. You will be able to save your skin & look breezy & natural always. Either wear it less or wear it on special occasions only.

Minimize Makeup

2. Eat Healthy For Skin Rejuvenation

Unprotected skin in summers causes our skin to lose all of its moisture thus making it look dull & dry. Applying moisturizer, blush & tanner is what everybody does therefore, you must think of doing something extra that you can do by eating healthy & wholesome food. Some of the skin friendly foods comprise of green tea, green leafy vegetables & strawberries. These foods are best for glowing & hydrated skin. Moreover, these provide you enough antioxidants, & vitamins that your skin always remains rejuvenated.

Eat Healthy For Skin Rejuvenation

3. Pay Attention to Your Lips

In the course of focusing on hair & skin, not many people pay attention to lips. Even lips are susceptible to go through the weather damage by becoming dry & parched. For absolute protection, use balms having natural healing ingredients like beeswax & Shea butter & also comes in SPF. Also, apply such balms while going outside.

Pay Attention to Your Lips

4. Sunscreen With Higher SPF

We can’t cover ourselves in veil all the time therefore we must device methods to save our skin while going out in sun especially when they are exposed to sunlight otherwise we must not complain about uneven skin tone or dull skin. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 higher as they provide better shield against sunlight or its UV rays. Apply in every 2 hours. In case you fail to do so, use beta-hydroxy or salicylic acid or some effective peel off masks. These are very effective against harmful sunrays.

Sunscreen With Higher SPF

5. Prepare Your Skin In Advance

In summer, skin looks dull & less attractive. You must focus on keeping your body hydrated as well as vitamin rich. Having food products containing vitamin A such as egg whites & pumpkin helps the body produce more of collagen thus keeping skin look healthier.

Eat Food Having Vitamin A

6. Help Your Hair

The most visible & the most affected part of body i.e. hair is must to be saved in summer season. It is our scalp that is most susceptible to pollution & allows the entry of any chemical. For this, we must be paying special attention to our scalp. Make sure, you don’t use heavy chemical filled shampoos & wear hat while going out in sunlight. Try deep conditioning after leaving the pool or the beach. More importantly, try homemade remedies twice or thrice a week so give strength to your hair.

Help Your Hair



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