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6 Amazing Summer Face Packs For Your Combination Skin


Several people across the world have combination skin type. It means that some parts of their skin are dry while other parts such as the forehead, center regions of the chin, and nose particularly the T-junction are oily. Combination skin is due to genetic conditions, but there are other contributing factors as well. Most of the people having combination skin find it hard to pick up the right kinds of skin care products and face packs for their skin. However, face packs for your combination skin can be prepared at home using some natural ingredients which are easily available. So, pick those ingredients to prepare amazing summer packs suitable for the combination skin.

Below Is The List Of The Summer Face Packs For Your Combination Skin

Gram Flour And Turmeric Face Pack

To prepare this face pack add 2-3tbsp of gram flour and a half teaspoon of turmeric. Mix them well and add rose water until the consistency turns medium. Apply this pack on the face and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes. Wash off your face using warm water. Gram flour helps in absorbing the extra sebum from your face and turmeric helps lighten your skin tone. This pack even helps remove sun tan as well.


Honey Oatmeal Face Pack

Both these ingredients are readily available at your home and can give you a glowing skin this summer. Prepare oatmeal using milk and allow it to cool. Add honey to it and mix it. Make a fine paste of this mixture using a blender. Apply this paste on the skin and leave it for not more than 10 minutes. This pack gives you an instant glow and helps tighten your skin.


Papaya And Fuller’s Earth Face Pack

Prepare a face pack using papaya juice, fuller’s earth, and rose water. Fuller’s earth helps lighten the dark spots and clears blemishes whereas papaya helps nourish and moisturize your skin. Extract papaya juice and add rose water to it for a rosy glow. Now, add 1-2tbsp of fuller’s earth to this papaya and rose water solution. Mix it well and apply on the skin for improving your skin texture and removing the blackheads and whiteheads.


Rice Flour And Aloe Gel Face Pack

To prepare this face pack, you need to use aloe gel extracted from 3-4 aloe vera stems and a cup of rice flour. Mix both these ingredients and apply on your skin. Gently scrub your skin to get rid of both the whiteheads and blackheads. Aloe gel helps moisturize your skin and rice flour helps scrub the dead skin cells off your skin, thus giving you a healthy glowing skin.


Cucumber And Lemon Juice Face Pack

Cucumber is an amazing ingredient when it comes to improving your skin health. Cucumber juice, when applied topically on the skin, help in treating the uneven skin tone. Add a tbsp. of lemon juice to 2-3tbsp of cucumber juice. Now, mix them and use a cotton swab to gently apply this solution on your face. Leave it for a few minutes and wash off after it dries. This face pack helps remove sun tan and makes you look pretty.


Yogurt And Banana Face Pack

Fruits work amazingly for a combination skin type. So, blend together a banana and a few tbsp. of yogurt. Apply this paste directly or mix it in gram flour to apply as a face pack. Yogurt helps soothe your skin affected by sun tan and banana helps in providing nourishment. You can even add milk along with gram flour.



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