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6 Amazing Natural Oils For Younger Looking Skin

Younger Looking Skin

If you are confused about “no effects” of the skin care products or can’t rely on them, then you got to prepare your own skin care remedy. Today, you are going to learn some home remedies with the oil. These oils are chosen after seeing their capability and effects in taming the skin condition. Do read the articles properly, choose the one which is easy for you and do apply once or twice daily.

6 Amazing Natural Oils For Younger Looking Skin:

1. Sweet Almond Oil:

Sweet almond oil as many of you might be knowing is full of antioxidant property that helps in reducing the fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. It possesses the essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin d and vitamin e. Sweet almond oil works very effectively in repairing the damaged tissues and rejuvenating the lost glow. For this reason, it is being used a lot in many facial massage creams to return that glow, lighten spot, prevent sagging skin and remove the wrinkles completely.

Take a bowl and add 3 teaspoon of sweet almond oil, 2 drops of rose essential oil and 1 teaspoon of Shea butter. Mix the three ingredients so as to form a paste and apply all over your face till neck. You can also preserve this paste into an air tight container for about 3 months. After applying, wait for 30 minutes. Do the same remedy twice daily and you will be able to see amazing changes into your skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

2. Avocado Oil:

It is one of the highly valued oil for multiple purposes. The foremost being the skin related purposes. The excellent deep penetrating and sunscreen properties of avocado oil help in preventing the collagen damage, wrinkles and the spots on face. It is also rich in several vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin d and vitamin e and the skin loving fatty acid that provide assistance in promoting the regeneration of the skin cells and keep the skin soft, youthful and supple forever. For its bacterial and skin soothing qualities, it is also used as a solution of various skin conditions. If you don’t believe so then you should definitely try using it for a few weeks and notice the difference in your skin.

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut cream in about 2 teaspoon of avocado oil. Mix the two ingredients well and apply all over your face. Let it stay for about 2 hours at least followed by rinsing properly with lukewarm water. Use either daily or definitely 3 times every week to find your skin healthy, luxurious and thousand times younger looking.

Avocado Oil


3. Grape Seed Oil:

This one is known for the skin brightening and age defying antioxidant properties. It has vitamin c that provide our skin the regenerative boost, bright glow and good health. The moderate amount of vitamin e present in grape seed oil is essential for repairing the damaged tissues and unclog the clogged pores. The oil is also known to possess the astringent qualities that besides tightening the skin, minimize the skin pores. Use it once daily or thrice every week to make your skin lovely, moisture rich and youthful.

In 2 teaspoon of grape seed oil, add 2 drops grapefruits essential oil or of lemon juice and 1 nos of vitamin e capsule. Mix the three ingredients and apply the paste formed on all over your face till neck. Keep it applied of about 20 minutes. Wash off after. Make sure that you stick to the paste twice every day.

Grape Seed Oil

4. Jojoba Oil:

This wonderful oil works effective in making the skin very hydrating, fight the deep wrinkles and rejuvenate the dull and tired skin. The oil suits dry, mature, oily and acne prone skin. It is also packed with various minerals and vitamins like vitamin c, vitamin e and B complex vitamins that makes the skin youthful and supple. Jojoba oil has no blocking action on the skin pores. Rather filled with antioxidants, it helps in reducing the fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. If you use it on regular basis, you can restore the youthful and ageless skin.

Add 2 teaspoon of jojoba oil in 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the two ingredients and apply all over your face. It you want to store the mixture, then store into a dark glass bottle. Apply directly on your face and massage until the oil is all soaked or absorbed into the skin. After waiting for 30 minutes, you can rinse off your face. Follow the same remedy twice every day to keep your skin clear and free from wrinkles.

Jojoba Oil

5. Geranium Essential Oil:

The oil has an amazing flowery fragrant that can really tame the senses. Filled with the astringent properties, this oil is known to tighten the skin, regulating the sebum, toning and tightening the skin layer and lessening the over appearance of skin pores. Geranium essential oil also possesses the anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that stops the frequent outburst of acnes and give you a skin free from the free radical damage. Use it daily to keep your skin young, and clean as always.

To form the solution out of this oil, you need to choose a carrier oil of your choice. Go for jojoba or coconut oil. Into a bowl, add 2 teaspoon of the carrier oil and 5 to 7 drops of geranium essential oil. Mix the two properly and apply in circular manner on your face. If you feel irritation on your skin, remove immediately. If not then wait for 30 minute and then rinse it off with water.

Geranium Essential Oil

6. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is best known for preventing the aging conditions and making skin soft, supple and elastic. If you have signs of aging around the eyes, then also you can use coconut oil. This inexpensive remedy not only smells good but is a wonderful skin emollient. If used regularly, it increases the lipids and provide our skin the smoothness, glow and vitality.

In 2 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil, add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and no more than one drop of the tea tree essential oil. Mix well, and spread a fine layer all over your face till neck (if you have wrinkles around the neck). Wait for as long as you can but definitely more than 30 minutes. You can wash off your face now.

Coconut Oil



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