6 Amazing Benefits Of Rosehip Seed Oil For Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Rosehip Seed Oil For Skin And Hair

Rosehip seed oil is a magical youth resorting essential oil that is yielded by compressing the seeds of rose bush flower. Not native to all the places, it owes its existence to rose bush flowers, growing in the wild, in chile. Highly fragrant and soothing, rosehip seed oil is one of the world’s classiest essential oils. Primarily, because, it is bundled with powerful youth revitalizing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in abundant amount. It is the first choice amongst aromatherapy oils, and is a major ingredient of most essential oil based lotions and hair care products. And today, we have compiled 6 secret ways in which Rosehip oil can cater to your skin and hair needs.

1. It Reduces Wrinkles:

Most of us beauty maniacs know that the combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin A can work wonders for aging skin. And Rosehip seed oil is a nature’s blessing that is infused with high traces of unadulterated Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Vitamin E easily reaches out for aging cells lying in the deeper skin layers. It deeply conditions these cells and increase their elasticity that reduces visible appearance of epidermal wrinkles. And Vitamin A transforms to retinoic acid as soon as it blends with the skin. It improves collagen that gives birth to new and younger plump cells that help in making a new epidermis, devoid of fine lines. [1]


2. It Reduces Scarring:

As discussed above, Rosehip seed oil is an enriching essential oil that exposes the skin to the goodness of retinoic acid. And retinoic acid is basically a depigmentation agent that targets worn out cells that are the actual reasons behind scarring and acne spots. It either banishes the spots from those cells by making them plump, or it replaces them with ultra clear and soft new cells. As a result, soft, supple and spotless cells replace the inflamed and blotchy scarred skin layer. And Vitamin E maintains the pH of the new skin layer. [2]


3. It Helps With Sun Damage:

Loaded with bundles of skin calming and revitalizing fatty acids, Rosehip seed oil makes a wonderful herbal solution that calms down the sun exposed skin cells. These fatty acids work by cooling down the heat stressed cells by re-hydrating them. Which is why, Rosehip seed oil is basically a sun damage foe and it not just reduces the pain caused due to sunburns, it also restructures and resurfaces the burnt cells to lend the skin a smooth texture and flawless complexion. [3]

Sun Damage

4. It Helps With Eczema:

Being a natural bundle of Vitamin E, nothing can come at par with the moisturizing capability of Rosehip seed oil. It regenerates old cells that generates new skin layer. And the repaired old cells become smooth, supple, plump, and have a normal pH quotient. It is due to this deep conditioning capability that Rosehip seed oil is a side remedy that helps in controlling dryness caused due to skin issues like eczema. [4]


5. It Increases Hair Growth:

Rosehip seed oil isn’t just a blessing for keeping the skin youthful and spotless, it is also equally beneficial for keeping hair happy and healthy. Stunted hair growth is basically a side-effect of dry scalp. Dry scalp is devoid of oils and nutrients that strengthen hair follicles and encourage them to produce new hair strands. But Rosehip seed oil revitalizes dry scalp and increases the growth of hair and makes them thick. All you need to rejoice hair growth benefits of Rosehip seed oil is a head massage. [5]

Hair Growth

6. It Reduces Hair Breakage:

Various factors like sun and pollution damage make hair fragile. Such fragile hair are too brittle to deal with. They have a tendency to break and tangle. This makes hair coarse by manifesting the growth of split ends. Rosehip seed oil gets rid of free radicals and strengthen hair strands by overpowering scalp irritation. This transforms hair from the scratch. [6]

Hair Breakage

With the above listed 6 benefits of Rosehip seed oil, we have come to a conclusion that it is a must use product for getting a dream skin and bouncy hair. Use it to feel the difference yourself.



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