6 Absolute Monsoon Hair Masks For Different Hair Problems

 Absolute Monsoon Hair Masks For Different Hair Problems

The monsoon season is near and the hair are going to face a lot. Any delay in the caution and the hair are going to face problem so better if you seek some remedies beforehand. The remedies are numerous but the problem lies in choosing the remedy that you should be using for a particular problem well, here it goes. As dull, frizzy and the hair fall is the most common problem of monsoon, you need to follow the remedies as mentioned below accordingly. Just stick to these and you will definitely be able to say goodbye to the related hair problems very soon. Also, do share your reviews about these.

1 For Damage Free Hair

It is because of the change in season that hair tend to go rough and frizzy which further results in damage and hair fall. So the first priority should be keep the hair damage free and in best condition possible. What you can do for avoid this problem is use olive oil and honey to your hair. Olive hair has the property of penetrating deep down the hair roots while honey moisturizes the hair and keep it nourished which is the demand of the season.

For this home remedy, you need to mix olive oil and honey in the ratio 2:1. Mix the two depending on the volume and the length of the hair. As the length of the hair is mentioned here, you need to massage not only the scalp but also the hair ends. Apply the concoction all over and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Now you can go ahead with washing your hair. However, instead of using just any shampoo, look for a sulphate free shampoo.

For Damage Free Hair

2. For Dandruff Problem

Dandruff problem is another sign of frizzy hair. You can use lemon and margosa leaves for this problem for this. Lemon juice is rich in antioxidant property while margosa is the ultimate for removing dandruff.

You need to have lemon and margosa leaves for this. Crush few margosa leaves and add it with lemon juice. Mix the two in the ratio 4:2. Now depending on the volume and the length of the hair, take the amount. In this recipe, the concoction is very less so even if you leave the hair ends, it does not matter. However, massage the scalp properly. Wait for an hour or more if you can and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For Dandruff Problem

3. For Hair Fall

Troubled with hair fall, you need go stop it right now. Actually, you can do a lot about it but the problem is where to start. Well, don’t think about it too much and use the fenugreek and indian gooseberry and coconut oil recipe. It has the power to provide ultimate nourishment to the hair thus tackle well with the hair problem.
You need a handful of fenugreek seeds and mix it into a up of warm water overnight. Next, morning, crush the fenugreek seeds to make a smooth paste. Now boil 4-5 teaspoon of coconut oil with few teaspoon of dry indian gooseberry. Form powder from it and then put into the fenugreek paste. Keep applied on your hair for about an hour. However, do massage the scalp properly with it. You can go ahead with rinsing your hair after this.

For hair fall

4. For Preventing Split Ends

Split ends is the first hint towards further damage to the hair. The moment you see split ends in your hair, you need to be extra careful about your hair. Well, the purpose is not to scare you but to aware you about what you can do to avoid this state. Get up and prepare a concoction with papaya, and yoghurt or castor oil, lemon juice, & aloe vera gel.

You need to take few ripe pieces of papaya and mash after removing the seeds. Now, you have to add half cup of yoghurt into it. Now apply the paste directly on your hair and keep applied for about an hour. Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can also prepare a concoction of lemon juice, aloe vera and castor oil. Mix two teaspoon of aloe vera with one teaspoon of lemon juice and then add 2 teaspoon of castor oil to it. Mix the three ingredients and then you can apply all over your scalp first followed by applying at the hair ends. Wait for about 30 minutes and then you can rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For Preventing Split Ends

5. For Dull And Lifeless Hair

One very important thing that you need to understand is whenever the hair starts falling under any kind of hair problem, be it split ends or frizzy hair, the further hair fall is must. It is hair problem and the part that undergoes maximum damage is your scalp as it is the most exposed part. Therefore, the first thing that you need to take care of is your scalp. Serve the scalp and it will serve your hair. Use avocado, raw milk and olive oil for this. As the three have maximum potential to deal with dull and lifeless hair, you will surely be able to solve the hair problem.

You need one ripe avocado for this. Scoop the pulp and add it with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Now you can add the same in ¼ cup of raw milk. Mix all these ingredients and then massage the same everywhere on your scalp. Keep applied for over 1 hour. You can rinse it off now. However, use only a sulphate free shampoo for this. Do follow whenever you shampoo your hair.

 For Dull And Lifeless Hair

6. For Oil Free Scalp

Oily hair look sticky and they tend to make the hair feel thin. You can overcome this problem egg white, lemon juice and honey. The three of these can be used to get rid of the oily scalp completely.

Mix 3 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 egg white. Mix the three ingredients properly and then apply all over your scalp. Keep it for ½ hour and then you can rinse it with a mild shampoo or preferably herbal shampoo. Do follow whenever you shampoo your hair.

For Oil Free Scalp



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