5 Ways To Use Olive Oil For Damage Free Hair

Olive Oil For Damage Free Hair

Olive oil is one edible oil, that when massaged on the scalp topically, makes hair smooth, shiny, damage free and silky. Olive oil is loaded with bulk traces of Vitamin E and A. Both these vitamins moisturize dry hair and restore the scalp’s pH. This reduces scalp dryness, itching and acne. It is also blessed with active antioxidants that repair free-radical-induced hair damage. They form a protective layer around the keratin and remove split ends, frizz and premature hair graying.

Having had a quick look at the benefits of olive oil for hair, let’s have a look at the 5 best possible ways in which you can use olive oil for making your hair lustrous.

1. Olive Oil, Sandalwood Powder And Lemon:

This is an anti-acne olive oil hair mask that reduces oil and sebum accumulation. It is ideal for people with oily and dry hair/scalp. Take 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder in a bowl and add 2 teaspoons olive oil and half teaspoon fresh lemon juice to it. Mix well to form semi-liquid paste. Refrigerate for 2 hours before using, if your scalp is irritated due to acne. Shampoo your hair properly to cleanse the scalp and hair strands. Apply using a wide and dense soft bristle brush from roots to tips. Wash with cold water after 30 to 40 minutes. Use it twice a week.


Lemon removes freckles and restores the scalp’s pH level. Sandalwood powder cools down inflamed cells due to acne and itching. Olive Oil exfoliates the scalp and gets rid of free radicals to remove extra oil, dandruff, acne bumps and sebum.

Olive Oil, Sandalwood Powder And Lemon

2. Olive Oil And Colourless Henna:

This is an anti-inflammatory olive oil hair mask for people with sensitive scalp. Take about 2 teaspoons colourless henna and add as much olive oil as required to get a liquid texture paste. Apply from roots to tips on properly washed hair. Let it rest for 30 minutes before washing it off with tap water. Use every alternate day if your scalp is itchy. And thrice a week if your scalp is acne prone and oily.


Colourless henna is an exceptional cleansing and cooling agent. It removes dirt, dust and oil from the scalp while relaxing the stressed scalp cells. Olive oil reduces hair breakage by improving the keratin’s quality. It also moisturizes the scalp and restores essential oils to prevent over drying.

Olive Oil And Colourless Henna

3. Olive Oil And Chamomile Tea:

This is basically an overnight olive oil serum for dry hair prone to breakage and split ends. Mix 1 teaspoon hot chamomile tea with 1 teaspoon warm olive oil. Wait till the serum gets warm and apply using a hair brush, not your fingers, from roots to tips. Let it sit for 1 hour. Use a blotting sheet to remove extra oil so that it leaves no stains on your pillow or sheet. You can also wear a head scarf instead. Wash using shampoo in the morning. You can use it everyday.


Chamomile tea and olive oil are power packed with scalp revitalizing antioxidants. These antioxidants remove free radicals, dandruff, freckles and acne from the scalp. They also reverse premature hair graying caused due to free radicals. Vitamin E in olive oil moisturizes the scalp and restores its pH level to normal. It strengthens hair strands and remove frizz. This makes hair more manageable and less prone to breakage, reducing split end formation naturally.

Olive Oil And Chamomile Tea

4. Olive Oil And Aloe Vera:

This is a hydrating olive oil hair gel for extra dry hair. Scoop aloe vera pulp in a bowl. Add about 2 tablespoons aloe vera pulp and 1 tablespoon olive oil in a mixer and grind them to get a gel like consistency. You can vary the proportion in order to get the desired amount that can cover your entire hair. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Apply on cleansed and wet scalp from roots to tips. Let it rest for 1 hour, and rinse with tap water.


Aloe vera hydrates the dry scalp and makes it moist. It calms down itching by adding a cooling sensation. This reduces inflammation. Olive oil deeply moisturizes the dry and damaged hair follicles. This makes hair roots stronger. It also moisturizes each hair strand. This makes brittle and dry hair soft and bouncy.

Olive Oil And Aloe Vera

5. Olive Oil And Ginger Juice:

This is one effective olive oil hair syrup for severe scalp acne. Simply place a ginger flake in a mixer and add 1 teaspoon rose water or distilled water in it. Grind the mixture. Filter the residue from the juice. Add equal proportions of olive oil and ginger juice, and warm them slightly. Massage your scalp with the syrup for 15 minutes and let it rest overnight. Rinse using shampoo in the morning. Use every night till acne reduces in size, and every alternate night from thereon.


Ginger contains gingerol. And gingerol is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces acne inflicted pain. It controls the formation and accumulation of oil. And the antioxidants in olive oil remove toxins and free radicals. This removes acne completely.

Olive Oil And Ginger Juice

The above listed 5 ways are some of the most effective ways to use olive oil for reversing hair damage. They make hair bouncy and add volume by making them thicker.


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