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5 Ways To Use Lemon Peels For Beautiful Skin

It is common habit of many women to discard the peels of lemon after extracting juice from it. Stay away from this habit to stay beautiful. Lemon peels are loaded with innumerable qualities that help in supporting your beauty. Vitamin C is abundant in lemon. Its peel is also loaded with lots of skin friendly benefits. You can get more number of benefits by rubbing the peels of lemon on to your skin. All you have to do is to make a fine powder out of dry lemon peels and store them in container for usage. You can use this powder in many ways.

Here Are The 5 Effective Ways To Use Lemon Peels For Clear And Perfect Skin

1. Milk And Lemon Peels Powder

This is simplest and effective way to get beauty benefits from dried lemon peels powder. Mix equal proportions of milk and lemon peel powder. Mix well. Spread this mixture on to your face as a layer. Allow the layer to sit on your face for at least thirty minutes. Wash off with normal water. Daily usage of this face pack helps in reducing impurities of your skin. This face pack is especially good for oily skin.

Milk And Lemon Peels Powder

2. Coconut Water And Powdered Lemon Peels

Coconut water is very effective in removing any pigmentation on your skin. Similarly, powder of lemon peels is very helpful in lightening the skin. Combination of these two ingredients is known to be beneficial in assuring you with clear skin. Mix equal quantities of coconut water and powdered peels of lemon. Blend well to form a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face. Let it sit for fifteen minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Follow this process twice in a week for best results.


3. Fuller’s Earth, Cucumber Juice And Powdered Lemon Peels

Lemon peels are popular as natural bleaching agent. You can maximize its benefits by combining it with other powerful natural bleaching ingredients like cucumber juice and fuller’s earth. Mix well and apply on your face. Leave the pack for twenty minutes. Later, wash off with sterile water. Follow this remedy for at least three times a week for noticing best results. You can notice spotless, flawless and clear complexion with regular application of this pack.


4. Papaya And Lemon Peels

Papaya is the store house of skin nourishing properties. You can get many skin care benefits from papaya. When you combine papaya with lemon peels, benefits are augmented. Mix equal proportions of papaya pulp and powdered lemon peels into a container. Mix well and apply the pack on your face. Allow the pack to sit on your face for at least fifteen minutes. Wash off with luke warm water. You need to follow this process for at least three times a week for best results.

Papaya And Lemon Peels

5. Rose Water And Lemon Peels

Rose water is mostly used ingredient in most of the face packs. You can add this ingredient along with the powder of lemon peels for getting most out of this pack. Mix these ingredients well and apply the solution on your face. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off with normal water.

Rose Water And Lemon Peels

These are few of the effective ways to use lemon peels for improving the skin tone. For noticing best results, you must try to follow the process continuously for at least few months. These are natural ways to eliminate impurities of the skin. In case of commercially brought chemical products, few may notice side effects on their skin. If you use natural face pack, you won’t suffer from any side effect.


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