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5 Ways To Use Coffee Ground For Beautiful Skin

No matter how many time, we wait in the queue for one cup of coffee, once we know the results of using coffee for beautiful skin, we cannot keep ourselves from falling for it over & over. Until, now you might be knowing coffee for morning energy booster but it has surprising skin benefits that makes it more effective for skin purposes. Now just for the skin, but it has benefits for eyes & hair too. It is caffeine that makes the main component of coffee. When we drink it over & over, it doesn’t cause such good results inside but if the same coffee is used for facial purpose then the same curse takes no time in disguising itself in boon. How, it makes a boon for beautiful skin is mentioned in this article through 5 ways to use coffer for beautiful skin. Read, implement & tell how it worked for you.

Here Are The 5 Ways to Use Ground Coffee for Beautiful Skin:

1. Coffee For Minimizing Cellulite & Tightening Skin

Ground coffee when used directly on skin scrubs off the dullness & replaces it with glowing appearance. The caffeine present in coffee makes a great energizer for tired skin, puffy eyes & youthful look. For a stronger scrub, add sugar to ground coffee. Mix well & apply all over your face. If you want a moisture blast then add few drops of olive oil as well. Scrub nearly for 5 minutes & then wash off with lukewarm water. Use it thrice a week & witness excellent results soon.

Coffee for Minimizing Cellulite & Tightening Skin

2. Coffee Scrub for Smooth & Flawless Skin

In this remedy, you need only 4 ingredients that can render skin flawlessly smooth. Coffee has rough texture that sheds off the dead skin layer thus leaving the skin smooth & flawless from any angle. Add ½ teaspoon each of ground coffee, palm sugar, coconut oil & 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Mix well until it scrub your skin throughout for 7-8 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water afterwards.

Coffee Scrub for Smooth & Flawless Skin

3. Coffee For Eliminating Toxins

Other than using coffee paste topically on your face, adding it in your face wash bears excellent results too. It rejuvenates skin, keeps it glowing & removes toxins by penetrating deep down the skin layer. One of the easiest way to prepare a coffee mask bearings such amazing results is as follows. Mix 2 teaspoon of freshly grounded coffee, 2 teaspoon cocoa powder, 3 teaspoon yoghurt & 1 teaspoon of honey in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients well & apply a light coating on your face. Wait for 15 minutes & then remove with warm wet cloth following by rinsing off.

Coffee for Eliminating Toxins

4. Coffee For Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the important step to keep the skin cleans & smooth. This method not just exfoliates the skin but also spare dryness. Mix ½ cup of ground coffee, ½ cup of brown sugar & ¼ cup of olive oil. Make a fine paste & scrub all over your face for the next 5-6 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water afterwards.

Coffee for Skin Exfoliation

5. For Its Anti-Ageing Property

Coffee comprising of cellulite awakens the skin & improves the appearance of cellulite. Today, you might find caffeine in many expensive scrubs but why should you go for them when you can create your own at home. Add ground coffee & water in a bowl in the proportion 2:1. Add few drops of tea tree oil as well. Mix well & massage the mixture on your skin with a brush in circular motion. This methods bears excellent results but you will witness then over time.

For Its Anti-Ageing Property


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