5 Ways To Remove Fine Lines Under The Eyes

No matter how beautiful the face is but fine lines under the eyes can becomes the cause of its downfall especially when you are smiling and the fine lines are deepening. We cannot stop smiling, can we? So does that mean that we will never get rid of these fine lines? No without losing your smile, you actually can bear a nice smile that too without any minute sign of fine lines. Yes, this can be done by following the remedies below and following in your daily schedule. Remember that these lines are not easy to lose therefore you might need to continue them for a longer time.

5 Ways To Remove Fine Lines Under The Eyes

1. Cucumber

You might have seen people using cucumber for healthy and beautiful eyes but today you are going to learn about how to use cucumber for removing fine lines under eyes. The recipe is very simply. Cut a few pieces of fresh cucumber and blend into a blender. Take into a bowl and add few drops of rose water and little amount of coconut oil. Mix nicely. Now close your eyes and apply the mixture onto the affected portion. Let it stay for 20 minutes or more and then remove with hand. You may use rose water for removing thoroughly later.


2. Papaya With Honey

How would you have felt if our skin could become as soft as papaya? Well, don’t think just do because there are high probability that using papaya can make the skin much softer and free from any signs of anti-ageing such as fine lines. You may honey with it as honey moisturizes thus increasing the effectiveness of the recipe. Grind few ripe pieces of papaya and add ½-1 tablespoon of honey in it. Mix properly and apply under your eyes. Allow it to stay for 15 minutes and then finally wipe out thoroughly with rose water.

Papaya With Honey

3. Pineapple Juice

As much as it taste delicious, it is effective in healing the fine lines under eyes as well. Known for its anti-inflammation property, the juice can make an amazing remedy to do away with the fine lines under the eyes. It has astringent property that acts amazing for sensitive skin as well. Always remember that you don’t have to use the juice available in the market as it has preservatives added in it. Rather go for homemade pineapple juice. For extracting the juice, put few pieces into a juicer and use the juice that comes from it. For applying, soak a cotton ball into the juice and dab onto your skin. Do the same for some time and then leave it as it is. You may remove the juice after 10 minutes using rose water.

Pineapple Juice

4. Rosewater & Honey

In this method, rose water renders a pinkish glow to the skin while honey moisturizes it and removes any kind of inflammation. When both the ingredients are mixed together, there comes out an amazing recipe that is actually very potent in healing the fine lines whether under the eyes or on cheeks. Also, the two ingredients are easily available in every kitchen so there goes nothing in giving a try. However, make sure that you need to continue the remedy for a long time. Add few drips of rose water in ½ a teaspoon of honey and apply onto the affected portion with the help of a cotton ball. Let it air dry for 10 minutes followed by rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water. You may apply a moisturizing cream afterwards.

Rosewater & Honey

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is uses for cooking as well as topical use. It has hydrating property that heals the fine lines under the eyes and keep the eyes beautiful like always. With regular usage, you may find the eyes much younger and softer when you touch it. With the help of cotton oil, massage the oil onto the area and allow it to stay for 10 minutes. Finally remove by using rose water.

Olive Oil


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