5 Ways How To Naturally Stop Hair Loss With Coconut Oil


Are you suffering from hair loss problem? It is a common problem now a day that is faced by almost every body of us and there should be various reasons behind it. As it has taken a serious problem for you have tried many cosmetics and medicine for it. Also you have wasted so much of your money and time for it. But it can be cured naturally with simple home remedies with coconut oil. Coconut oil is highly effective for solving the problem of hair fall. As it is natural so it has no harsh effect on your hair.

Try All These Home Remedies In Your Home To Get Rid Of Hair Loss Problem Naturally

1. Hibiscus And Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Take one handful of hibiscus leaves according to the length of your hair and grind it in a fine paste. Do not add water when you prepare this paste. Then add 2 to 3 table spoons of pure coconut oil with this hibiscus paste and beat it well to prepare the hair mask. Apply this superb hair mask on your scalp and hair root. Leave the hair mask for 45 minutes on your hair. Wash off this hair mask with plain water. It gives you a rich lather which cleanses your hair and while hibiscus extracts strengthens the hair root reducing the hair fall problem naturally. Use this effective hair mask once in a week to get best results.


2. Hot Oil Nourishment With Coconut Oil

Take a hot oil nourishment remedy with pure coconut oil. Just take 2 table spoon of pure coconut oil in a stainless steel bowl and boil it in medium flame. Now apply this hot oil in your scalp and whole hair. Massage this oil in your scalp in a circular movement for half an hour. It will improve blood circulation in your scalp which stops your hair fall problem naturally. Leave this oil in your hair for whole night to get best results. You can wear a shower cap when you go to sleep. On the very next day apply a mild shampoo in your hair. If you want to do shampoos on the same day try this. Soak a towel in hot water and remove the extra water from the towel. Wrap your hair with this towel and this way the oil should penetrate more in your hair. Repeat this towel method again for 2 to 3 times. Try this effective home remedy at least twice a week for best results.

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3. Natural Hair Oil With Pure Coconut Oil

A regular application of coconut oil can solve your hair fall problem naturally. Try this natural home remedy to get a naturally problem free hair. Take a handful of hibiscus leaves and 7 to 8 flowers in a pan. Also pour 10 to 12 Indian Gooseberry and grate it finely in to the pan. Pour 100 ml of pure coconut oil in this pan and mix well with all the ingredients with it. Now boil this whole mixture in medium flame till the oil changes its color and all the ingredients goes soft. Then remove the pan from the flame and set aside to cool. When this mixture gets cooled, strain the oil from the rest of the mixture in a bottle. Apply this home made remedy with coconut oil daily in your scalp and massage it in a circular movement for at least 5 minutes. Use it regularly to stop hair fall naturally.


4. Hair Treatment With Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has an excellent nourishment property as it is rich in protein. It provides superb nourishment to your scalp and whole hair when you apply this hair treatment in your scalp. For this hair treatment you will need virgin coconut oil and one or two egg yolk according to the length of your hair. Take all of these natural ingredients in a bowl and beat them well to get a paste like mixture. Now apply this protein mixture on your scalp and in the length of your hair with your hand or a hair brush. Leave this protein hair mask on your hair for half an hour and then rinse your hair with any mild herbal shampoo to remove the eggs smell.


5. Use Coconut Oil As Carrier Oil To Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall can be occurred due to excessive dandruff problem. It has been observed that one who has a chronic problem of dandruff he/she must have a problem of hair fall to. To control or stop this type of hair fall use essential oil as a home remedy. But as the essential oils are in concentrated form and it is required in a very little amount we need a coconut oil as carrier oil which is one of the most superb carrier oil. Mix 10 to 12 drops of each of Tea tree oil and Rose marry oil with 100 ml of pure coconut oil in a bottle. Use this herbal home remedy for treating your hair fall caused by dandruff naturally. Tea tree oil effectively removes dandruff problem and Rose marry stops hair fall and also improves the growth of new hair.

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