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5 Vital Drinks To Boost Your Immune System


Immune system comprises of various biological processes, structures and cells that work in synchronization to shield us against diseases. It includes lymphoid tissues, thymus, organs, T cells, WBCs and bone marrow that execute a protective response when encountered by any threatening agent.

Any bacterial, fungal or viral infection is easily encountered in individuals with weak immune system. Hence, it is very crucial to keep the immune system healthy and fit to stay off diseases ranging from simple cold to severe arthritis or migraines. It is not that difficult to maintain a healthy immunity as it can be achieved with right drinks and foods. Develop a daily routine to include foods and drinks in the diet that support and builds up of healthy immune system.

Important Drinks Vital For Boosting The Immune System

Fruit Cocktail

Prepare a fresh cocktail using apple, watermelon, carrot juice and cantaloupe. Chop half cup of cantaloupe and watermelon each in small cube sizes and slice one fourth cup of apple into small pieces. Now blend them all together in a blender along with 2 cups of carrot juice, till a semi liquid consistency is achieved. Relish this immune boosting drink for 1 to 2 times in a day and remain free of diseases.

This fruit cocktail offer immense benefits of antioxidants and is rich in amino acids too. Carrot juice and water melon are loaded with amino acids that are significant to initiate the response of T cells of the immune system to get rid of invading agents. Apple is loaded with antioxidants that assist in getting rid of free radicals that damage the immune system.

Fruit Cocktail

Berry Veggie Tart Smoothie

Prepare a tart smoothie using strawberries, cherries, plums and purple carrots. Then add chickpeas and sweet potato to this fruit smoothie to reduce the calorie and sugar levels and at the same time make it more filling. This refreshing drink boosts the immune system offering high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant in the daily diet.

Berry Veggie Tart Smoothie

Pineapple Fruity Mock-Tail

Include pineapple juice and prepare a mock-tail with plum puree, peach and mangoes to incorporate 100 percent levels of vitamin C along with plenty of antioxidants in the regular diet that build up the immune strength and also fulfill 25 percent of zinc requirements of the diet. Drinks rich in zinc, antioxidants and vitamin C are excellent booster drink for the immune system.

Pineapple Fruity Mock-Tail

Probiotic Drinks

Include more of probiotic drinks as it boosts the health of gut flora that contributes to 80% of immune system. There exist trillions of healthy bacteria in the intestines that are most crucial for absorbing nutrients and warding off infections.

For strongest immune system, these microbial flora population need to be kept healthy and growing as it offers best protection against flu, colds and other diseases. Replenish the gut flora by including drinks like kefir, yogurt, kimchee and sauerkraut in the daily diet. Healthy gut flora not only offers a strong immune system but also a better digestion.

Probiotic Drinks


Hydration is crucial for a healthy immune system as it aids in quick transportation of nutrients to ill regions and disposal of toxins. An overnight 8 hour fast drains out the immune reserves. Therefore, it is immensely important to keep yourself fully hydrated on daily basis. Adequate amounts can be obtained from drinking water, green tea and herbal tea.

But, sweetened drinks are not accountable for increasing water content as they serve more as food that produces waste rather than removing toxins like water or detoxifying tea. Limit consumption of such sweet drinks like soft drinks, juices and milk when considering for improving hydration and immunity of the body. Recommended water content for an individual is 2 ounces for every 2 pounds of the body weight.

Drinking less water on long term basis deprives the body of strong immune system and it gets worn out with time, posing one more susceptible to all forms of infections. Body is unable to remove the toxin wastes that start accumulating within the body rather than getting eliminated through urinary tract. Lack of adequate water intake is linked to angina, allergies, asthma, headaches, migraines and arthritis. At time of sickness, water intake needs to be increased to 2 folds to get recover fast.

Regular consumption of this immune booster drinks keeps the system fit, smooth going and competitive enough to face challenges of the body. Hydration, vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants are considered to be the best four pillars for strengthening and boosting immune system through above beneficial drinks. It is easy to make these part of the routine and ‘say goodbye’ to falling prey to various infections and diseases.




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