5 Top Healthy Breakfast Foods

5 Top Healthy Breakfast Foods

Nowadays we all are very busy and we often skip our breakfast in morning. Because we are then in a hurry to go our office or we may take nominal breakfast. But it is a very bad habit and we must not do this. A proper and healthy breakfast is a start of a successful day. Try nutritious and healthy foods in your breakfast that will supply the required energy for the whole day.

Breakfast is the first food that we take after a long break after the previous day’s dinner. So, don’t skip your breakfast and take a proper breakfast to get a proper energetic start for your day. Stay keep fit and healthy with a nutritious breakfast.

Here Are Some Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Can Be Taken For An Energetic Day:


Corn flakes are made of Corn which is a very healthy breakfast indeed. Corn flakes is a very good source of Iron which keeps our mind alert all the day and at the same time it fills your empty stomach too thus you don’t feel hungry now and then. Corn is a power packed with Lutein and Zeaxanthin which is very important for our body. It is also a great source of beta-carotene and Vitamin C.


Beta Carotene is good for our eyes and vitamin C is a very well known source of anti oxidants which slow down the aging process in our body. Just add warm milk and the fruits of your choice. If you want you may add little sugar in to it. Take a bowl of corn flakes as a breakfast in morning and give an energetic start to your day.


Oats are another great option of healthy breakfast in the morning. Just boil the oats with milk and a little sugar to prepare your breakfast. If you do not like the sweet taste you may prepare it in another way. Just boil it with the chopped mixed vegetables and it is ready to eat.

Oats are also very good source of Iron and Zinc which are the micro elements needed by our body. Oats also low down the cholesterol level of our body and it is very healthy for the people who posses high cholesterol in their blood.

Brown Bread

Make toasts with brown bread and apply butter on it to make it yummy. You may add cheese spread or peanut butter on it. If you have restrictions for these additives just apply some mixed fruit jam on the brown bread and it is ready to eat.
You may eat the bread solely as brown bread itself also tastes good. It is healthier than the normal bread which is made of all purpose flour. So, give a try with brown bread in morning breakfast.

Brown Bread:

Fruit Juice

A healthy breakfast provides you energy for the whole day. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals which gives you the required energy.Drink some fruit juice in your morning breakfast to boost up your energy level. Try your favorite fruits in your breakfast as a fruit juice.

Fruit Juice

Boiled Egg

Egg contains proteins which is great source of energy to our body. Try boiled or half boiled egg in your breakfast as it healthier than the fried egg. You may go for poached egg as it is also a healthy option for breakfast.It is also a very good source of calcium and essential amino acids which helps you in building stronger bones also healthy teeth.

Boiled Eggs



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