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5 Superb Cucumbers Beauty Tips For You

Superb Cucumbers Beauty Tips For You

Cucumber is a wonderful fruit which has an excellent effect on your skin. It is full with effective vitamins and minerals which can really do wonder with your skin. This fruit is easily available in almost all season and in every part of the world. So, why are you waiting for? Try to use this wonder fruit in your beauty regime to get the most benefit of your fruit.

Cucumber Juice- A Wonderful Toner For You:

Cucumber juice is used as a toner from the ancient times and it gives you really good results for your skin which is suitable to use on all types of skin. To prepare this toner you will need a cucumber and then peel the skin of this fruit. Now grate this fruit and strain the juices from it. When you need it just after cleaning your face, dip a cotton ball in this juice and then wipe your face with this cotton ball. It will give you a fresh look while tightening the open pores of your skin. Dry skin needs most the cucumber toner. So, when you need a toner try this amazing natural toner to tone your skin. You can store this juice in refrigerator for 3-4 days once you have prepared it and re use it when ever you need.

Cucumber Juice- A Wonderful Toner For You:

Stay Away From Dark Circles With Cucumber:

Do you have dark circles in your under eyes? Worried with this very much? All the time we use various products for the under eye dark circles which may not gave proper results to our skin. Cucumber contains vitamin K which is very effective for removing the under eye dark circles from your skin in a natural way. As the under eye area is so much delicate of our skin so we can not use any product to this area. Cucumber juice is a proven home remedy which is used over ancient days. Just prepare cucumber juice as specified before and store it in your refrigerator. When you want to take rest, just dip two cotton pads cooled cucumber juice then placing them over your eyes just relax. It will be very much helpful for you to removing from the under eyes.

Stay Away From Dark Circles With Cucumber

Superb For Summer Rashes:

Do you face summer rashes in your skin during the summer season? Cucumber juice gives excellent result in removing summer rashes of your skin. It is also a proven herbal remedy which gives you excellent result in treating this skin problem. Firstly prepare cucumber juice as per method specified before. Then collect some fresh mint leaves and also make juice out of it. Now mix equal amount of mint extract and cucumber juice in a bowl. Now keep it in to your freezer to keep it cool. After you came from outside, just apply this mixture on the rashes. It will treat the rashes in a natural way and also reduces the redness of the rashes. It also provides a soothing cooling effect to your skin.

Superb For Summer Rashes

Remove Tans Of Your Skin:

Every body has suntans on their skin which hides the natural beauty of your skin. Cucumber also gives you excellent result to the tans of your skin. This is a very old herbal home remedy to removing the tan from your skin in a herbal way. Try this superb home remedy to keep your skin free from suntan. Take one cucumber, peel it and then grate it. Now take 2 table spoons of this grated cucumber and mix it with 2 table spoons of sour curd. Also add a pinch of Turmeric in it and mix well. Now apply this face pack on your skin leaving the eye area and keep it on your skin for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with normal water and pat dry. Try this face pack every day to get best results.

Remove Tans Of Your Skin

Cucumber Mask For Acne:

Cucumber also gives you excellent result in treating your acnes. It is an excellent home remedy to get rid of Acne in a natural way. To prepare this face mask you will need to prepare cucumber puree first and take 2 table spoon of this puree in a bowl. Now take some fresh Aloe Vera leaves and scoop out the gel with a blunt knife. Now mix Cucumber puree and aloe vera gel in a bowl. Also add 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 tea spoons of full fat milk powder with this mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth paste and apply it on the acne, then in whole face. Leave it on your skin for near about 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Regular use of this cucumber pack will provide you a naturally acne free skin.

Cucumber Mask For Acne



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