5 Home Remedies To Heal And Soothe Burns

Soothe Burns

Minor burns to the skin are a common occurrence in our daily lives which are often caused by heat, chemicals, electricity or sun. Burns when affecting only superficial skin are known as first degree burn and can be treated at home. Reddened skin, burning sensation and pain in the affected area can be characterized as minor burn. Sometimes blisters can also form. But a burn that extends to deeper layer of the skin and tissues, muscles or bones are serious and should receive immediate medical attention. If you or any one in your home accidently becomes victim to minor burns, try these home remedies to minimize burning sensation and pain. There are many simple ingredients available in our homes that can soothe the burn and minimize pain. Here are 5 most effective remedies to bring relief from pain and irritation.

5 Home Remedies To Heal And Soothe Burns



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