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5 Home Remedies For Baby Restlessness

Home Remedies For Baby Restlessness

Most babies give a hard time to their parents when they wake up the whole night. The baby becomes restless and unable to sleep. Even if the baby goes to sleep, they sleep for very short time and wake up soon. It disturbs the sleep of parents who have to wake up to look after the child. The main cause of baby restlessness at night is hunger and excessive intake of sugar and chocolate. Some health problems like ear infection and colic pain also cause restlessness in a baby. It is best to address this problem using home remedies. We will suggest some easy remedies for this. Using these remedies will help in inducing sleep and fighting restlessness.

Following Are The Top 5 Baby Restlessness Home Remedies

Keep The Body Warm

If you can make the body of a baby warm, it will help in inducing calm sleep. For this, you can give warm bath to the baby. Use warm bathwater for bathing. Cover the baby with a blanket at bedtime. It will help in getting good sleep.

Keep The Body Warm

Drink Goat Milk

Goat milk is a very good remedy for treating restlessness in babies. Mix very little amount of nutmeg powder in boiled goat milk. Let the baby drink this milk. Nutmeg treats stomach problems. This remedy is useful for babies who have insomnia as it helps in inducing sleep.

Drink Goat Milk

Use Chamomile Tea And Oil

Apart from giving milk to the baby, you can also treat restlessness by giving chamomile tea to your little one. It will soothe the body and mind. Adding chamomile oil to warm bathwater and taking bath with this helps in getting good sleep.

Chamomile Tea And Oil

Do Rocking And Swinging

If the baby can’t sleep at night, you can rock the little one in arms. Some like to rock the child in a swing. Install a swing near the baby’s bed. Do swinging at nigh daily. The baby will fall asleep very fast with this trick.

Do Rocking and Swinging

Body Massage

Giving a body massage to your baby can help in fighting restlessness. It is beneficial if you do the massage at night before a baby goes to sleep. It will help in calming the body and fighting digestive problems that interfere with normal sleep.

Body Massage


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