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5 Herbs That Act As Natural Birth Contraception


Birth control is of extreme importance when men and women sit to formulate a proper family planning and involves various activities such as taking pills, contraceptives, condoms and et al. even though none of these methods are full proof, there are certain herbs which come handy as they interfere with the process of pregnancy and helps in controlling unwanted pregnancy issues.

Some Of The Herbs Which Act As A Natural Birth Control Method Are Discussed Below

Blue Cohosh

The herb named Blue Cohosh is an effective and excellent natural birth controlling agent and the root of a blue cohosh plant is used in this regard. This herb contains two substances which are natural uterine contractors wherein one of it mimics the oxytocin hormone and the other is called Caulosaponin which is a saponin component. In case one id not using any protective measures, consumption of tea made with this herb and water thrice a day helps to a great extent. However care should be taken while consuming blue cohosh as might have side effects and best to be consumed under the expert guidance of an herbalist.



This herb had been used as an effective birth control measure in the ancient times for the Romans and the Greeks. Pennyroyal is a plant of the mint genus and acts as an emmenagogue to induce menstrual flow in women and as an agent which induces self abortion as well. Pennyroyal herb is actually prescribed along with a few other herbs to prevent pregnancy in women as well. The leaves of this herb, both fresh & dry ones can effectively control pregnancy and induce abortion and menstruation in women in the longer run. Consumption of tea made with pennyroyal helps.



Ginger as an herb is pretty common in a household but one will be surprised to find that it is something which can effectively safe one from an unwanted pregnancy issue. This is due to the fact that it is one of the herbs with emmenagogue properties which promotes menstruation and according to research can prevent and delay pregnancy as well. In order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy one can consume cups of strong ginger tea everyday and also have the same in order to have normal menstruation flow too.Ginger


This herb named asafetida originates from Iran and is perennial in nature is usually used in cuisines but this herb has been seen to have abortive properties and prevents pregnancy as well. Consumption of the juice of this herb once in a month is all one can do to ensure the positive effects.


Stone Seed

This herb is known for its natural birth control properties according to research done by the US Department of Agriculture and is regarded to be one of the effective herbs to prevent pregnancies in women.

stone seed


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