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5 Herbal Teas for Reducing Anxiety


For centuries, traditional medicine systems around the world have recommended consumption of certain herbs for calming the mind and reducing anxiety. In our stressful modern life, there is hardly a person who has not suffered from anxiety. Persistent pressure for meeting professional and personal commitments makes us anxious all the time. Consuming herbal teas can be excellent natural remedies for fighting anxiety. The nervine herbs that are widely recommended for calming the mind include chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, valerian and lavender. Sipping tea prepared with any of these nervine herbs can produce instant relief from anxiety. However, remember to use the herbs in the right proportion to prevent adverse reactions. For more on herbal teas for fighting anxiety, visit the following link.

Xojane – 5 Herbal Teas for Reducing Anxiety


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