5 Foods To Battle Man Flu


If you are suffering from man flu it is real and the number of cases of flu is on the rise during monsoon season. Men are more subtle to get the flu than women, because of male hormone testosterone. The testosterone helps in building stronger muscles, and makes our body prone to getting infections. While there is no prescribed medicine to treat man flu, there are certain foods that treat the man flu with no side effects.

Here Are The List 5 Foods To Fight Man Flu

Chicken Soup

To cure the flu chicken soup is the effective home remedy. If you have the flu, then prepare a hot chicken soup in your home. When consumes it will increase the temperature in your nose and throat. Due to sudden rise in temperature the viruses which caused the flu will run away to safer and cool places. If chicken soup is suitable for you, then you can make a vegetable soup to beat the man flu.

Chicken Soup


This is a food that is found in every Indian household. Slap a slice of cheese on toast or on sandwiches. Cheese helps to fight man flu because of its immune boosting bacteria in your body. There is no better food than cheese in yellow color to treat the man flu.


Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms are effective food to treat man flu. Take mushroom soup and in particular made with white button mushrooms. These white button mushrooms increase the production of antiviral proteins in the body that helps in treating the man flu. You can make the white button mushroom soup in your home or buy it from a grocery store.

mushroom soup

Sweet Potatoes

When the infection catches you, it pierces your skin to enter the body. Your skin is the protector that keeps infection at bay. Whether you have the man flu or not, then it is essential to take care of the skin. So, keep your skin in good health, experts suggest adding of sweet potatoes to your diet. They contain beta-carotene that converted into vitamin A in your body, resulting in strengthening of your skin the first layer of guard against infection.

sweet potato


Oranges are as effective as any food or fruit, because of its richness in vitamin C. Vitamin C has the power to fight the man flu and reduces the flu symptoms to just eight percent. Just take an orange juice or raw orange to treat the man flu.



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