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5 Effective Home Remedies For Managing Alcoholism

5 Effective Home Remedies For Managing Alcoholism

Alcoholism is considered as a chronic disorder. A person suffering from this chronic disorder cannot stop from excessive and frequent alcohol consumption. Actually, alcoholism begins when a person starts consuming alcohol occasionally. It slowly turns into a habit. This habit leads to the state where a person cannot live without drinking. Alcoholics have bloodshot eyes and puffy face, rapid pulse and hoarse voice. The other symptoms from which alcoholics suffer a lot are vomiting, impaired judgment, disturbed sleep, and delirium etc. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes liver damage and gradually results in cirrhosis. It also affects the brain cells and heart. Fortunately, there are amazing home remedies which work in reducing the cravings for alcohol.

Let Us Discuss Some Of Them Here.

1. Bitter Gourd:

The juice of the bitter gourd leaves works as a great home remedy for alcohol intoxication. It also protects the liver from the damage. Take a glassful of buttermilk and add three teaspoons of bitter gourd leaves juice. This mixture must be consumed each morning for one month.[1]

Bitter Gourd

2. Apples:

Apple is another beneficial remedy for managing alcoholism. Consume an apple on a daily basis for removing intoxication and keep the cravings for wine and various other intoxicating liquors at bay. You can also prefer to drink the apple juice at frequent intervals.[2]


3. Celery:

Raw celery juice is found to be helpful in alcoholism. The celery juice offers the sobering effect to the patient. It also works as a wonderful remedy for reducing the addiction for consuming the alcohol. For this, the patient should take the ½ glass celery juice and add it to the equal quantity of water. The patient should intake this mixture for one time on a regular basis for one month.[3]


4. Dates:

Cravings for alcohol can be kept at bay with the help of dates. Take four to five dates and rub them together in a half glass of water. This drink must be offered to the patient. The patient should follow this effective home remedy for two times daily for one month.[4]


5. Grapes:

Grapes are considered to be the greatest home remedies for alcoholism. This amazing fruit holds the purest form of alcohol, and hence it is the perfect and healthy substitute for alcohol. Alcoholics should prefer eating 3 meals of fresh grapes at 5 hourly intervals a day.[5]



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