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5 Effective Home Remedies For Lupus


Lupus is mainly a chronic auto immune medical condition wherein the immune system attacks the body’s connective tissues which in turn leads to swelling of the joints, lungs, nerves, skin, heart, liver, blood vessels as well as the kidneys. Due to this reason the body becomes prone to infections and thus is a grave disorder.Even though medical intervention is absolutely necessary here.

There Are Some Home Remedies For Lupus


One of the effective remedy which treats lupus issue is flaxseeds which are known to be rich in a specific fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid which decreases the inflammation caused due to this ailment. Researchers have proved that flaxseed actually helps in promoting the kidney functions in conditions when the body is affected with lupus nephritis.


Primrose Oil

One of the oils which act as an instant reliever to the symptoms of lupus is the primrose oil application while massaging. This oil massage actually helps in getting rid of the pain caused by arthritis which happens due to lupus and also reduce the inflammation as well. However care should be taken in the fact that too much quantity use of primrose oil is dangerous due to its adverse side effects and thus only a few drops need to be used.



Another great home remedy to treat lupus is an age old ingredient found in every household, ginger! Ginger is known to help in a great manner by reducing the symptoms such as dizziness and nausea caused by lupus and also helps in alleviating the swelling in the joint region along with helping in case of joint and muscle pain too. Ginger can be easily consumed in form of tea, candy or even juices and can also be eaten in raw form to reap the benefits.


Fish Oil

Fish oil can be consumed in the form of various supplements by a patient suffering from the issue of lupus as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which in turn act as a remedy to reduce the symptoms like joint pain, fatigue and mouth sores as well. This home remedy comes with only one side effect and which is nausea which might affect the patient, but that it not something grave.

Fish oil


As unobvious as this may sound, but a vegetable like carrot can actually be a great natural remedy to treat the issue of lupus in humans. Carrots are loaded with anti inflammatory properties and also are rich in vitamin C too, both of which protects the human body from the ill effects of free radicals which have the property to affect the body DNA. Carrots are also know to be rich in antioxidant properties and helps in reducing joint pain, depression, swelling, lethargy, dizziness and mouth sores caused due to lupus.


Another ancient remedy which is known to relive the body from the effects of various ailments is meditation. Meditation helps in case of lupus patients as well as it promotes mental wellbeing by reducing the pain, stress and the depression caused due to the ailment. Yoga is known to have a lot of great effects in humans and it is no different in case of a patient suffering from lupus as well. Practicing yoga regularly helps in controlling the symptoms and effects associated with lupus and provides great relief from the issues of swelling, joint pain and inflammation. Yoga also helps a lupus patient to maintain the limber joints and also relives the stress as well.


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