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5 Effective Herbs To Gain Weight Faster

Herbs To Gain Weight Faster

In today’s world most of the people are suffering from the problem of obesity and weight gain but along with them there are certain skinny and unhealthy people who want to gain weight as well. Some people suffer from the problem of poor health and weight loss as a result they look very sick and skinny. These people usually have an urge to gain weight so that they look healthy and fit.

It is very important for these skinny people to have a proper diet so that they gain weight faster. It is found that there are certain very effective herbs that helps to gain weight at a faster rate. The people who suffer from the problem of weight loss and want to gain weight can try these herbs on a regular basis to gain weight and stay healthy.

Below Are 5 Effective Herbs To Gain Weight Faster

1. Ginger:

Ginger is a considered as a very effective herb that contributes to successful weight gain. Ginger has a lot of beneficial properties that helps to solve various health problems and also leads to weight gain as well.[1] Ginger helps to solve the problem of stomach disorder and increases appetite as well as a result one feels the urge to eat more.

Moreover ginger also warms the digestive tract and helps in proper digestion as well. It is best to have the juice of the ginger in the morning so that it cleanses your system and increases your appetite so that you can gain weight easily.


2. Chamomile:

Chamomile is another very beneficial herb that has appetite increasing properties which helps to gain weight faster. You should take chamomile tea daily in the morning so that it will improve your appetite and help you to eat more to become healthy.[2]  Once you start taking chamomile tea daily you will see that slowly you will start to gaining weight and you will no longer remain under weight.


3. Dandelion Roots:

Another amazing herb that contributes to effective weight gain is the dandelion roots. It is a very traditional at the same time beneficial herbal supplement that contributes to successful weight gain. The fresh juice that is extracted from the dandelion roots helps to increase the appetite which leads to successful weight gain.[3]

This herb is especially recommended for pregnant women so that they can gain weight and stay healthy at the same time. Moreover this herb also has a lot of beneficial nutrients that helps keeps you healthy and leads to weight gain as well. Have dandelion roots juice daily in the morning to get the best results.

Dandelion Roots

4. Custard Apple:

Custard Apple is another amazing herb that is very effective for successful weight gain. Custard apple brings in a cooling impact in the body and reduces the body heat which increases appetite easily. Moreover it is found that daily intake of custard apple leads to weight gain and helps to fight anorexia as well. People who are very skinny and unhealthy or suffer from anorexia it is highly recommended that that they have a custard apple daily to gain weight and stay healthy.[4]

Custard Apple

5. Gentian:

Gentian roots is another very old and tradition herb that is ideal for gaining weight. People even during the olden days used to have this herb in order to solve the problem of weight loss. This juice of gentian is very effective for increasing appetite as a result you eat more and gain weight easily. Whenever you have this juice it helps in effective digestion and then after a while makes you hungry again.[5]

Moreover it solves the problem of gastric disorders and helps in proper bowel movement as well. Though this herb is very bitter in taste but works like magic in gaining weight and also keeps you fit and healthy at the same time.



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