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5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Managing Night Sweats

Night Sweats

The night sweat is a condition in which a person experiences too much perspiration at nighttime. This is one of the most uncomfortable conditions. Women suffering from menopause problems are more likely prone to this problem. But, this condition of uncomfortable perspiration may also be a side effect of certain medications that a person is in taking. Sometimes, night sweats can be a sign of illness as well. This condition affects the life of the sufferer by various unpleasant ways. Fortunately, there are amazing herbal remedies that work wonder in dealing with night sweats.

We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Herbal Remedies For Dealing With Night Sweats.

1. Maca:

Maca is one of the amazing herbs that come to your rescue for managing the condition of night sweats. In a study, Australian researchers prescribed two grams of this amazing herb per day to the menopausal women. And after two months of time, it is discovered that this herb offered significant relief from night sweats and hot flashes. However, check with your doctor before using this herb to avoid allergic reactions.[1]


2. Black Cohosh:

Night sweats, one of the most unwanted symptoms of menopause will be well reduced by the black cohosh. German women have been using this amazing herb since 1956 to get rid of night sweats. In Germany, women suffering from the night sweats took forty drops of the tincture of the black cohosh two times a day. And they experienced a great relief from night sweats, headaches, nervousness, and heart palpitations within one month.[2]

Black Cohosh

3. Motherwort:

Another herb that comes to your rescue for controlling night sweats is motherwort. This wonderful herb is highly known to be beneficial in calming nerves and thus it relaxes circulatory system and lessens the problem of night sweat. All you have to do is to just add one teaspoonful of motherwort in a cupful of water. Consume this herbal tea every night until the condition is normalized.[3]


4. Dong Quai:

This herb is very effective in relieving the hot flashes and night sweats. It also promotes relaxation and strengthens the blood vessels. However, this herb is not recommended for those people who are taking the prescribed blood-thinning medication. Therefore, consult your doctor before using this herb.[4]

Dong Quai

5. Sage:

Sage is highly beneficial in reducing all types of severe perspiration. Hence, many herbalists call sage as the ‘hot flush herb’. The tea of sage is very beneficial in healing night sweats. According to the England survey, it is found that sage tincture or sage tea helped in reducing night sweats and hot flashes.[5]



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