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5 Effective Ayurvedic Method To Get Fair Skin


Do you want a naturally fairer skin tone? Then Ayurved can help you a lot as it contains variety of treatment for getting fair skin. These skin treatment methods contain all natural ingredients and herbs which has no side effects on your skin. These treatments gently work on your skin and provide a lighter even toned skin in a natural way. Moreover these skin treatments have been used from long time ago actually from the ancient days and give you really fruitful results in minimum effort. These treatments can be done in your home as a home made treatment. So, try it and get a fair beautiful looks in a homely way.

List Of 5 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments To Get Fair Skin

1. Drink Saffron Milk Everyday

Saffron is an effective ingredient to get a fair skin tone effortlessly. It gives you a pinkish fairness from inside and it is really long lasting. In every night drink one glass of warm milk and before you drink it try this ancient home remedies. Mix few threads of saffron in boiled milk and give a standing time of 5 minutes. Then stir it and drink it. Go for this remedy daily and get fair skin tone naturally.

saffron milk

2. Use Licorice daily

Licorice is a famous herb which is well known for its skin whitening properties from the ancient days and now it is used in various fairness beauty products due to this reason. Use this herb in your daily face pack to get a fairer skin tone with nominal effort. This herb gently lightens your skin tone from inside so that you get an even fair skin tone naturally. Make a paste from this herb and then use it in any of your fairness face pack to get best results.


3. Apply Coconut Water Face Mask

Coconut water is also helpful for getting a fairer skin tone naturally. But when you use be careful that you use it freshly. Take one green coconut and take out water from it. Now take 2 table spoon of this juice and add required amount of sandalwood powder with it to get a smooth paste out of it. Apply it all over your face and neck leaving the eye area. Leave this face pack on your skin to let it dry and when it gets dry wash off this face mask with icy cold water.


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4. Gram Flour Face Pack For Fair Skin

Gram flour is a great ingredient which naturally provides you a lighter skin tone. Regular use of this specific gram flour face pack will give you a beautiful fair skin without any effort. Sour curd also has a mild skin bleaching property which clears off the spots due to sun tan on your skin. Take 2 table spoons of gram flour and 1 table spoon of fresh home made sour curd in a bowl. Mix well and then apply it on all over your face and neck leaving the tender eye area. Leave the face pack to get dry for half an hour and then rinse off this face pack with normal water. Use this face pack in alternate days for best results.


5. Use Saffron Face Pack

Saffron is a famous ayurvedic ingredient which is well known for its skin fairness properties. For this unique property saffron is used in herbal beauty products for fairness. Try to use saffron in your daily fairness face pack to get a naturally fair skin tone. Soak saffron in milk for few hours and then grind it in to a paste, then use it in your face pack as usual. It gives you a beautiful and lighter skin tone in few weeks. So, try to use this amazing ingredient to get a natural fairness.



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