5 Early Signs Of Dementia That You Should Know About

Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia is a very dangerous and harmful disease which women and men suffer at an old age! This is one of the widely spreading memory related disease which can affect any one and can cause some serious troubles. Generally a person suffering from this disease faces issues in memory and in performing regular tasks. Here are some early signs of dementia which you must consider seriously if you want to keep away from dementia! This is a very harmful disease in which, a person can lose complete memory, is unable to perform the daily chores, gets depressed, feels low and emotional gets weak day by day! This is a very tough and discomforting disease which must be treated on the early basis to fight its complications and extreme conditions. Thus, here are some simple and very important signs of dementia which will help you diagnose it on early stages!

1. Confusion:

This is the most common and general sign of dementia in which person gets confused in small tasks and while performing some easy day to day chores. Confusion in decision making, confusing in judgment is an early sign of dementia which must not be ignored. While this disease affects any person, the ability to judge and take a decision gets retarded and the memory gets weak. If the person is not able to judge the things and acts completely confused when asked any question, this can be a sign which you must not ignore! Replacing the actual place of the household things, forgetting the things next day is an early sign and part of confusion!


2. Loss Of Memory:

This is a sign which shows short term memory issues. When a person forgets small things which he/ she have performed just now this can be a sign of short term memory issues. Forgetting little things which happened few minutes back, forgetting to take dinner and forgetting whether he/ she has taken dinner is a sign which shows something is wrong! When people forget the day to day activities and feel confused regarding the task, it can show that something is wrong1 this is an early sign which must not be neglected!

Loss Of Memory

3. Repetitiveness:

This is a sign which is directly related to memory loss and confusion when a person behaves the same ad repeatedly performs the same task, this is due to the loss of memory and forgetting the things which are already done. In some cases, people consume the breakfast twice as they forget that they already have taken the breakfast. Sometimes, people keep repeating the words and instructions as they forget that the instructions are already given! This kind of repetitiveness is not normal and is also one of the strongest early signs of dementia which you must consider!


4. Difficulty In Finding Words:

When the memory is getting attacked, there are severe other problems which can affect the person and can cause different issues. We speak some words as they are stored in our memory and we are able to spell them without getting confused or without thinking more. But in case of dementia, a person is not able to remember the words which are stored in the memory and thus, face difficulty in finding the right words to speak!

 Difficulty In Finding Words

5. Mood Swings:

Changes in the mood or mood swings are quite common. When a person forgets everything, it is very tough to stay normal. This is a disease which can affect the memory and make you forget and recognize yourself! When the person is not able to recognize people, remember the things, the mood gets turned off and this is an early sing of dementia which must be considered!

Mood Swings




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