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5 Common Skin Problems In Summers With Solutions

Common Skin Problems In Summers With Solutions

Even though you would love to welcome the summer and enjoy backyard barbecues, long evenings at lake, and summer activities, the scorching heat of the sun in summer can harm your skin. So, you may suffer from several different skin conditions and disorders that will not only spoil your summer fun but also affect your health adversely. So, you need to learn the most common skin problems that you may suffer in the summers and how to treat them effectively.

Find Below 5 Summer Skin Conditions And Their Solutions

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection, also popular as tinea versicolor, is one of the yeast infections that your may suffer during the heat of summer. It occurs when your skin suffers from the yeast activity. This skin problem prominently occurs when you go around the areas having humid climate, particularly tropics. You may suffer from scaly tanned patches on your neck, back, and chest due to the infection.

yeast infection


You can treat the yeast skin infection by maintaining body cleanliness. Have a bath or shower after a sweaty day. Use a soap having pyirthione zinc since it minimizes the yeast growth.

Poison Rash

Poison rash, medically popular as dermatitis, is one of the skin condition which you may suffer when spending long hours in the sun during the summer and by coming in contact with allergic plants like poison oak or ivy. You may suffer from itchy condition and your skin may turn red and flaky. You may also suffer from blister, swelling, or hives.

Poison Rash


Avoid coming in contact with poison ivy or oak. Don’t walk through the areas having tall grasses. You can treat poison rash by using some easy home remedies and minimize the itching and redness of your skin. Use aloe vera gel to obtain a great relief from the skin condition.

Bug Bites

Another annoying skin problem that can irritate you in the summers is bug bite. It occurs due to bug biting. It can be quite serious if you suffer from Lyme disease or any other serious bug bite. You may suffer from highly itchy condition, and scratching your skin can lead to bleeding and serious infection.

bug bites


It is best to keep bugs away to prevent the occurrence of bug bites during the summer. You can use oil of lemon eucalyptus as bug repellents. Apply the banana peel or rind of watermelon on the affected skin to obtain relief.


If you stay for longer hours in your workout clothes during the summers then you are at high risk of suffering from folliculitis. Folliculitis is a bacterial infection which results due to yeast that thrives in moist, warm, dark conditions. You may suffer from red bumps on your thighs, shoulders, and other areas of your body. It can make your skin itchy and make you suffer from the burning sensation.



Change your tight outfits immediately after workouts. Avoid wearing spandex in the summers. Have a shower soon after your gym session. Avoid spending a lot of time in the hot tub while bathing. Make sure your water in the hot tub is chlorinated properly.

Molluscum Virus

Molluscum virus can also make you suffer from skin issues during the summer. You may suffer from tanned white bumps on your body.

Molluscum Virus


Make sure that the water in the swimming pool and your bath tub is properly chlorinated. Have a shower as soon as you get out of the pool. Also, make sure you follow good hygiene practices to prevent the growth of virus.

Now that you know these five most common skin problems that you may suffer during the summer, make sure you take care to prevent or treat them properly and promptly.


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