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5 Coconut Oil Skin Care Recipes


Coconut oil is a very natural type of oil that is enriched with lots of nutritional value. The nutritional value of coconut oil can be used to take care of the health and skin. The moisturizing property of coconut oil will to take care of the skin and will also avoids formation of infections. It also contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that will take care of the skin issues. The best types of antioxidants will help clean the toxic materials from the body. You can use this oil in various types of methods to take care of the skin. You will simply love to prepare some of these best coconut oil recipes at your home.

List Of 5 Coconut Oil Skin Care Recipes

Coconut Oil Butter With Lime

This type of recipe can be prepared by using coconut oil, aloe Vera gel, olive oil as well as other types of best essential oils.


Preparation Process

Mix all of these ingredients and simply whip it properly to get best results. Use of these ingredients will help to take care of the skin and avoid dryness and other skin problems.

Coconut Oil And Shaving Cream

The cream as well as coconut oil will add moisturizing effect to the skin and thus allow getting a clean shave in short period of time.


Preparation Process

Coconut oil can be mixed with proper type of milk cream and the solution can be used as shaving cream.

Coconut Oil And Lotion Bars

Coconut oil can be used to prepare lotion bars at home. These bars will help to provide moisturizing effect.


Preparation Process

It is a very easy recipe and only requires coconut oil and other ingredients to solidify the oil. Mix it well and you can also add some essence to provide good smell. Whip it properly and then solidify it to make the best lotion bar.

Body Butter

Body butter can be prepared by using various types of ingredients. If you can use coconut oil while preparing body butter, then it will be really good.


Preparation Process

Take some virgin coconut oil, butter and jojoba oil. Mix all of these ingredients and whip it properly. This will prepare a good body butter that can be directly applied on the skin.

Balm For Lip

Lips also face huge cracks due to change in weather and other reasons. You can use coconut oil to prepare the best lip balm by adding some other kinds of ingredients to it.


Preparation Process

Add some beeswax, coconut oil and olive oil to prepare such lip balm and apply it on the lips.



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