5 Amazing Spices To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood Sugar Naturally

Maintaining normal blood sugar is essential for body’s optimum performance and overall health. Level of blood sugar is directly linked with what we eat and drink. Some foods easily spikes the blood sugar levels, while there are foods which help to lower blood sugar naturally. The erratic blood sugar level in diabetics and pre-diabetics can affect body’s ability to function properly and even can lead to complication if remain unnoticed. Following a healthy diet(low glycemic index foods) and maintaining healthy life-style like not indulging in drinking and smoking, exercising regularly and taking prescribed medication can help to maintain healthy blood sugar level and stay healthy. Luckily, there are some herbs and spices that help to lower blood sugar level naturally. These herbs and spices due to rich antioxidant properties can prevent inflammation and damage to the tissues associated with high blood sugar levels.

Here Are 5 Amazing Spices That Can Help To Lower Blood Sugar Level Naturally:

1. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon was highly valued among ancient civilization. Derived from inner bark of cinnamon trees this slightly pungent spice is known for balancing glucose level in the blood stream. Research has shown that cinnamon can help to lower glucose level and increase insulin sensitivity. This beneficial action is carried out by an active ingredient known as cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon. This ingredient helps to promote release of insulin and improves insulin resistance. The bioactive component can also have beneficial effect on fasting glucose, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides on the in people with type 2 diabetes. By regulating blood glucose level and improving insulin sensitivity cinnamon Helps to maintain a normal body weight and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cinnamon can be a great help in accelerating sugar metabolism, reducing hunger and satisfy your sweet tooth. Having 1tsp. cinnamon is enough for a day whether you add it your tea, tea, coffee or sprinkle it in your favorite cereal or smoothie. Natural healers advocate Ceylon cinnamon over Cassia cinnamon for blood sugar control. [1]


2. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek seeds are high in fiber. They help in slowing digestion process and thus aids in absorption of sugar and carbs in the body. This makes it a great aid in lowering blood sugar and improves body’s way of using sugar. If you are diabetic including fenugreek seed in your diet will help you to improve glucose tolerance and lower blood sugar level. Soak 1-2 tbsp. fenugreek seed overnight and drink the water next morning in empty stomach and also eat the seeds. Follow this remedy every day to control blood sugar level. [2]


3. Cloves:

Clove and clove oil has been a popular home remedy for getting relief from toothaches, headaches, indigestion and cough. But very few people know that it can be a great remedy for controlling blood sugar levels. This spice contains antioxidant phenol, anthocyanins and quercetin and also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and germicidal properties which aids in lowering blood sugar level. Clinical research also support cloves ability lower blood glucose level and manage cholesterol. Evidence shows that cloves also aid in preventing complication associated with diabetes like heart disease, renal impairment, eye disease and vascular disease. For reducing the complications associated with diabetes it is recommended to eat 1to 3 grams of cloves per day. For deriving maximum benefit some natural healers recommend using these to herbs in combination. Simply chewing or adding this nail shaped, strongly flavored pinch of this herb to your foods regularly can offer impressive result. [3]


4. Oregano:

Oregano is a popular spice high in polyphenols and flavonoids used in Italian cooking. Oregano can lower high blood sugar level. Oregano contains glucosides that are responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. It inhibits the enzymes that promote insulin. Oregano contains Gallic acid that fights inflammation. Reducing inflammation body helps to manage diabetes. For lowering blood glucose level drink oregano tea or add few drops of oregano oil to your juice or any other drink. Also sprinkle oregano in your salad, soups and smoothies. [4]


5. Turmeric:

Turmeric is another spice that can help control high blood sugar level. Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. Research shows that curcumin, a key component contained in turmeric reduces many of the inflammatory signal associated with diabetes and also improves the unsettled insulin- response and prevents diabetes-related complication. You can take turmeric as a supplement or just add in your cooking to get its benefit. [5]


Add these spices in your regular diet to keep your blood sugar level in check. But before incorporating them, consult your physician.



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