5 Amazing Home Remedies For Handling Cholera

Home Remedies For Handling Cholera

Vibrio cholera is a germ that is responsible for causing cholera. Diarrhea is the first sign that warns you about cholera. You can also notice violent purging. Grayish-brown, watery and loose stools are the symptoms of this problem. Vomiting and nausea are also accompanied with cholera. Body of the patient affected by cholera becomes colder and the skin becomes dry, wrinkled and purple. Voice of the patient turns weak and husky. Scanty and dark urine can be noticed. Fall in the levels of blood pressure can be noticed. This disease is transmitted through flies and contaminated water. Fortunately, few effective home remedies help to control the situation from becoming severe.

Here Are The 5 Effective Home Remedies That Can Help You In Easing The Symptoms Of Cholera.

1. Lemon

Lemon is the most popular home remedy that helps to assist you from the annoying symptoms of cholera. Lemon juice is known to eliminate the cholera causing bacteria in a short period of time. You can also try to use lemon juice remedy as a preventive measure. Consumption of sweetened or salted lemon juice at least once in a day works as an effective home remedy for cholera.[1]

lemon juice

2. Onion

Cholera can be well-managed with the help of useful onion remedy. Thirty grams of onions are to be combined with 7 black peppers. These two ingredients should be grinded well. This powerful healing mixture is to be given to the patient for two or three times a day. Patient feels recovered as this remedy helps in allaying the restlessness and thirst of the patient.[2]


3. Bitter Gourd

During the initial stages of cholera, patient can get some relief from bitter gourd juice. Medicinal properties of this powerful therapeutic juice can be maximized by mixing equal quantity of white onion juice. Also, you need to add one teaspoon of lemon juice to this preparation. This juice should be served for two times daily for giving relaxation to the patient.[3]

Bitter Gourd

4. Cucumber

Thirst caused by cholera can be well-managed with the help of cucumber. Juice prepared from the leaves of cucumber is very helpful in quenching the thirst caused by cholera. You also need to add tender coconut water to this juice. This process works effectively in dealing with dehydration.[4]


5. Clove

Cloves are effective and valuable remedy for managing the worsening symptoms of cholera. 4 grams of cloves should be boiled in about 3 liters of sterile water. You need to boil this solution until the evaporation of half of the water. This decoction should be served to the patient frequently on regular intervals.[5]



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