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5 Amazing Chinese Herbs You Probably Didn’t Know Help in Fighting Cancer


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Despite advancement in modern cancer treatment, scientists across the world are studying the role of herbal treatment in arresting progression of the disease and speeding up the healing process. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine a number of herbal remedies are available for fighting cancer. Scientists have identifying anti-cancer property of several herbs used in the Chinese medicine for fighting the ailment. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy, anti-cancer herbs target specifically the malignant cells without harming the healthy cells of the body. Hence, herbal remedies are usually considered safe cancer treatment options.

The Following Chinese Herbs Are Considered Effective In Fighting Cancer


Wormwood, known as Qing Hao in China, has amazing anti-cancer property. The scientific name of the herb is Artemisia annua. It contains a powerful anti-cancer compound called artemisinin. Experimental studies have shown that the compound selectively destroys the cancer cells, causing minimal damage to the normal cells. For every normal cell, it destroys 12,000 cancer cells. Studies have shown that artemisinin combines with the iron carrying protein in the cancer cells to form free radicals that destroy the malignant cells.



Astragalus, known as Huang Qi in China, helps in strengthening the ability of the immune system to fight the cancer cells. It helps in boosting production of interferons that help in suppressing activities of abnormal genetic materials in the cancer cells. Clinical trials with astragalus have shown that treatment with the herb helps in increasing the life span of cancer patients.


Oldenlandia Diffusa

Oldenlandia diffusa is a Chinese herb with anti-cancer property. In China the herb is known as Bai Hua She She Cao. Laboratory studies have shown that this Chinese herb inhibits development of cancer cells and stimulates apoptosis. Furthermore, the anti-cancer components of the herb selectively target the cancer cells without damaging the normal cells.


Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng, known as Ren Shen in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, can help in destroying cancer cells. Experimental studies have shown that the herb stimulate interferon production that helps in preventing proliferation of the cancer cells. Moreover, Panax ginseng helps in prevents DNA damage, which causes development of cancer cells.


Adenophora Triphylla

The herb Adenophora triphylla is known as Nan Sha Shen in China. Scientists have identified a triterpenoid saponin compound in the Chinese herb that stimulates apoptosis of the cancer cells. The anti-cancer compound is found in the root of Adenophora triphylla. This Chinese herbal remedy is especially effective in suppressing growth of gastric cancer cells.

Adenophora Triphylla


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