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42 Home Remedies For Quick Teeth Pain Relief


Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens, any where in between 16 to 25 and sometimes in their 30s too. Your mouth can get four wisdom teeth one at each corner of the mouth. Medically they are known as molars. Though wisdom teeth have nothing to do with wisdom, but they have been named so because they erupt when a teenager is stepping to adulthood and is believed to be gaining worldly wisdom,. If you have a big mouth, you may not get wisdom teeth pain but most people experience severe pain because of the lack of sufficient room for another tooth in their mouth. And in its desperate effort to come out, wisdom tooth pushes other teeth and often gets stuck against them. This condition where the tooth grows at an uncomfortable angle under the gum is called impacted wisdom tooth. This misaligned tooth causes pain, soreness and aching jaw when the tooth erupts through your gum line. Often the unbearable wisdom teeth pain strikes at midnight when the dentist’s office is closed. Dentist can prescribe pain medication or surgical procedure may also be needed, but these home remedies can also offer instant relief from excruciating pain.

42 Home Remedies For Quick Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief



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