4 Home Remedies For Puffy Bags Under The Eyes

Home Remedies For Puffy Bags Under The Eyes

Having bags under the eyes, though not a medical concern, is extremely annoying because they can make you look tired and stressed and older than you are. These unsightly under eye puffy bags are usually caused by aging, heredity and lack of sleep. Other contributory factors can be insomnia, fluid retention, dietary salts, and too much exposure to the sun, allergies, steamy weather and dermatitis. Getting a good night’s sleep and reducing stress are the primary steps to get rid of puffy bags under the eyes. Surgical procedures are available to treat under eye bags, but they are costly and can also have side effects. There are also expensive creams and serums available to remove dark circles and puffy bags but they may return instantly the moment you stop using them. The best solution is getting to the root of the problem. Changing your diet and lifestyle will help you treat the problem from the root. Here are excellent home remedies that can diminish eye bags and stop them from returning.

4 Home Remedies For Puffy Bags Under The Eyes



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