4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain

Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain can be very debilitating as it not only causes unbearable pain but it also restricts movement and affects mobility. Several conditions like tendonitis, osteoarthritis, gout, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis and sprains and injuries can cause pain in the joints. Any joint of the body can be affected but most people suffer from knee pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. Pain is mostly caused by inflammation of the joint which makes it red, tender and swollen.

Joint Pain

There is a shooting and throbbing pain each time an attempt is made to move the joint and the pain continues unabated for weeks and sometimes even months. The first line of treatment is to reduce the inflammation and preserve the joint function. Here are four very effective herbs that will bring untold relief in the pain.

Here Are 4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain:


Boswellia is a very significant herb in ayurvedic medicine. This herb is derived from a resin found in the bark of the frankincense trees and has a wide range of medicinal values which can heal and cure all kinds of aches and pains of the body as well as the joints. Its various compounds nullify the chemical reactions involved in inflammation and reduce the pain considerably.


Heat one tablespoon of ghee and when it is quite hot add three teaspoons of boswellia to it. Roast the boswellia in the hot ghee till it puffs up. Turn off the heat and when the mixture cools, add two teaspoons of powdered lump sugar to it and eat this mixture every morning.


Turmeric is a very common herb widely used in cooking. This herb is very effective in relieving joint pain because of it anti-inflammatory action. It has a huge reserve of curcumin and curcuminoids which are two valuable compounds that exhibit anti-inflammatory action and reduce the pain swiftly.


You can buy the turmeric root and then grind it into a fine powder in a spice grinder. Store the powder in an airtight jar. This powder has a shelf life of more than one year. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder into a glass of hot milk and consume this mixture twice daily.


Nettles have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which when combined with its array of key minerals like calcium, silicon, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and key vitamins like, A, C, B complex and D become formidable painkillers. Boil a cup of water and steep on teaspoon of dried nettle leaves into it for ten minutes. Strain the tea and drink two cups of it daily.



Licorice has properties similar to the body’s natural corticosteroids which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Licorice also has antioxidant properties which eliminate the harmful free radicals from the body and inhibit the production of certain enzymes that have active participation in the inflammation.

Licorice Root

Boil a cup of water. Pound a one inch piece of licorice root and add it to the boiling water. Cover the cup and allow the tea to stand for ten minutes then strain it and drink two cups of it daily to relieve joint pain.



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