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4 Effective Home Remedies To Deal With Panic Attack

Effective Home Remedies To Deal With Panic Attack

The more you think of panic attack, the probability of it to arise becomes more. Panic attack is caused by panicking to an extent that your body becomes unable to control and you end up collapsing. This attack is more common with people that are over-sensitive and gets hyper quickly. Although someone once said that prevention is better than cure but if it is a problem like panic attack, you can never predict the arrival of attack. All you can do is be prepared with the remedy to make it leave quickly. Therefore, following are given the top 4 remedies to overcome panic attack.

Here Are 4 Effective Home Remedies To Deal With Panic Attack

Chamomile Tea

Blaming hypersensitivity as the sole cause of panic attack would be wrong. Panic attack can happen when you spend all day anxiously and shun away from relaxation. While going through this, if you take chamomile tea, you can seize some relaxation and suppress anxiety. Drink whenever you feel anxious and oversensitive.

Chamomile Tea

Breathing Retaining

Your body should be such that you breathe in a more efficient manner and have clear knowledge of how you should be breathing while going through panic attack. Anyone with panic attack tends to breathe faster and deeper but unfortunately this thing rather than doing any good makes the case worse. Therefore, breathe slowly for at least 5 minutes and hold the breath for 2-3 seconds. Also, Breath through nose and exhale from mouth.

Breathing Retraining

Lavender Oil

Because of its effectiveness and strong smell, Lavender oil is called as an essential oil. You must try it out when going through panic attack. For its application, massage some lavender oil on your collarbone. The smell will enter in your throat and you will feel relaxing which is the ultimate goal to be met.

Lavender oil

Get Outside In The Morning

Going out in the morning especially when the sun has just appeared, not just increases your vitamin D level but lowers symptoms of depression, and anxiety but keeps you active and lifted all day. You need not to walk for an hour or so. 15 minutes of trolling outside is enough to keep panic attack at bay. You can also bear the early sunlight by sitting at your favorite place.

Get Outside In The Morning


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