35 Amazing Uses Of Oranges


Orange is a ‘power food’ that possesses wealth of nutrients like Vitamin C, precursors of Vitamin A, pectin, calcium, potassium and many more. Oranges are the largest growing citrus crop in the world that makes it easy to use irrespective of whichever part of the world you are in. It is the energy boosting fruit that offers instant burst of energy and is favorite amongst the athletes.

Additionally, they offer endless health benefits of boosting heart health, lowering cholesterol, reducing risks of various cancers and kidney diseases, relieving constipation, shields against viral infections or colds. Include it in varied forms to utilize its full potential that goes beyond our imagination.

Amazing Uses Of Oranges

Orange Peel kindling

Dried orange peels make a superior choice as kindling or fire-starter than paper as they produce less creosote and smell much better. Moreover, the orange peels consist of high amounts of flammable oils that makes them burn for longer duration than paper.
Dried orange peels still possess some amount of these oil and burn longer than twigs, letting the fire more time to spread and even smells much nicer.

Orange peel kindling


Use orange peels as part of compost pile rather than just throwing away them. Adding these to healthy and fresh soil makes it more fertile using beneficial components from the orange peels.


Bath Oil Or Powder

Just squeeze the left over orange peels to bath water. The oil from orange peel will make the water stimulating and impart tremendous health benefits to the skin. Alternatively, one can dry the peels and grind them to make a fine powder using mortar and pestle. Then add little powder to the bath water and get benefits of essential oils.

Bath oil or powder

Face And Body Scrub

Orange peels with mixture of other useful ingredients can serve as an excellent exfoliating scrub. Dry orange peels in oven or direct sun and then process them in coffee grinding machine or food processor. Now mix chickpea flour to it that serves as natural exfoliating cleanser for body and face. Massage this orange scrub to get rid of all dead cells from the body.

Face and Body scrub

Orange Face Mask

An orange face mask can be easily prepared at home by grinding dried peels of orange. Mix equal amount of prepared powder and milk or water and 1 teaspoon of honey to prepare a paste. Then apply this face pack after washing the face with lukewarm water and let it stay for half an hour to one hour, till it gets dried up completely. Wash off the face mask with water and experience a refreshing look.

Orange face mask

Hair Pack

Juice of orange peels is useful in reducing oiliness and dandruff from the scalp. The peels when mashed to form pulp can be used as a hair pack that cleanse and condition the scalp. Alternatively, rubbing the orange peel on skin also imparts some benefits to the scalp.

Hair Pack

Natural Sponge

Before drying, orange peels can be used as an effective sponge due to rich essential oils present in the peels. Just use orange peels as natural sponge to degrease the sticky and messy greased areas of the kitchen including sink, where all the residual cooking stuff gets dumped.

Natural Sponge

Scrubbing Cast Iron Pans

Cutting orange in half and adding some coffee grounds makes it effective scrubber for cleaning cast iron pan. The orange peel protects the hand from abrasiveness of coffee grounds and also adds on the citrus cleaning power, owing to juicy nature of the fruit.

Scrubbing Cast Iron Pans

Deodorize Garbage Cans And Sinks

Stock up orange peels in a glass jar and place it under the sink to keep away bugs or put them in the garbage bin to counteract the nasty smells of accumulated garbage, with wonderful aroma of orange peels that makes the trash smell nice too.

Deodorize Garbage Cans and sinks

Cleaning Dirty Water

Orange peels are also used as an effective cleaning agent to flush off several dies from industrial water waste of the textile industry.

Cleaning dirty water

Cattle Feed

In orange juice industry, the left over peels of oranges after the juice have been extracted is processed further to be used as feed for cattle.

Cattle feed

Use It As Pomander

Make an orange pomander by making holes in an uncut orange with help of toothpaste. Now fill these holes with cloves and bake the orange on a low flame, till they get hardened. Allow it to cool and then decorate with a string or ribbons and hang it in closets, kitchens, boxes, bathrooms or even as part of decoration for your bedroom. The spaces are going to fill with a soothing fragrance for a long duration and will also aid in combating moths.

Use it as Pomander

Simmer For Stove Top Potpourri

Take orange peels and cut them. Add these peels in a saucepan and add a few cloves, 1 cinnamon stick and fill the volume with water. Now simmer it for a few hours for a nice stove top potpourri that fills of the entire place with refreshing citrus scent and lightens the air.

Simmer for stove top potpourri

Orange Oil For Salads

Use bits of orange peels and dried cranberries into a glass bottle and add extra virgin olive oil to fill the entire space. Close it and keep it in a dark area, while gently shaking after every few days. After 3 to 4 weeks, a special flavor will get immersed into the oil. Use this oil for decorating salads that taste extra yummy and appealing.

Orange oil for salads

Lump Free Sugar

Adding pieces of orange peel with brown sugar keeps away moisture from the air within the jar, leaving the air damp and sugar lump free.

Lump free sugar

Cat Repellent

Cats get easily repelled by strong smells like orange peels. Just placing orange peels in a bowl outside the home restrict the entry of cats. For enhanced results, add coffee grounds to the orange peels and moistened it with a little amount of water.

Cat Repellent

Apply As Mosquito Repellent

Rubbing fresh orange peels over the exposed regions of the skin will work as an effective mosquito repellent as these mosquitoes are irritated by such smell and never dare to come near to you.

Apply as mosquito repellent

For Getting Rid Of Ants

Prepare a smooth puree using some orange peels in one cup of water. Now pour this orange puree over the ant trails or ant hills to send them back to their premises. It is most useful while going on for camping or picnic in lush green areas that are the hot spots of ant attacks.

For getting rid of ants

Herbal Tea

Orange peels have been used since ancient times as important constitute of herbal tea to serve as appetite stimulator or relieving stomach cramps. Prepare orange infused tea by boiling orange peels in water and then adding a tea bag to it. Allow it to steep for 5 -10 minutes and consume the tea that also offers relief from migraines.

Herbal tea

Green Cleaner

Orange peels also serve as good ‘green cleaner’ as it does not impart any harmful affects like other chemical constituted cleaning agents and keep the environment safe. Put some orange peels in water bowl and microwave it for 5 minutes. Use this solution to wipe microwave and other areas of kitchen to keep them germ free.

Green Cleaner

Cleaning Pans & Tea Kettle

Boil the orange peels in tea kettle or other burnt utensils to clean them and make burn free. Allow the boiled orange peels to remain in the pans or tea kettle for more than an hour to get fully soaked in, and observe the grime coming off.

Cleaning Pans & Tea Kettle

Candid Slices

Just freeze orange slices and then use partially thawed slices as part of yogurt, fruit salads or as keep beneath the chicken skin before baking.

Candid slices

As Mulling Mix

Peel off the skin of oranges and bake them till becomes fully dried. Use them as add on for tea, spice rack or other mixes that can mingle well with boost of orange flavour.

As Mulling Mix

Infusions With Honey

Prepare an infusion with honey and orange peels by slicing oranges in halves. Spread a generous amount of honey on top of half oranges and sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon. Now bake it at 350 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes. It not only tastes good, but healing for ones with a sore throat or cold.

Infusions with Honey

Orange Flavored Vinaigrette And Orange Salsa

By substituting orange juice in place of little portion of vinegar for salad dressing, adds a sweet flavor and balances the strong taste of vinegar. Addition of chopped orange on salads, grilled fish or steaks intensifies the taste by making it as fresh orange salsa.

Orange flavored Vinaigrette and Orange Salsa


Cook oatmeal using juice of orange instead of cream or butter to have that extra zing to it and get rid of all fats, making it not alone yummier but healthier too.


Orange Jam And Candy

Cut oranges in small chunks and blend them together. Add pectin, water and sugar to it and stir properly. Refrigerate for 3 weeks or freeze. The yummy orange jam is ready to be attacked. Sugar dipped orange peels can be used for preparing candies and can also be dipped in dark chocolate to make choc-orange candies.

Orange Jam and Candy

Orange Pancakes & Waffles

While making waffles and pancakes, just substitute water, milk or buttermilk with orange juice to give enhanced flavor to the pancakes and additional content of healthy vitamin C.

Orange Pancakes & Waffles

Orange Zest

Orange peels have been used more than oranges to prepare innovative dishes and orange zest has been best used for adding flavors to baked goods like orange butter cake.

Orange Zest

Orange-Chocolate Brownies

Make brownies as normally and add 3 oranges to it. Moreover, substitute liquid requirement with orange juice. This brownie will be full of chocolate for sure, but will have an added essence of orange too.

Orange Chocolate Brownies

Lowering Blood Pressure

Consumption of orange peels has been used as an effective solution to lower down the blood pressure by Chinese. Peels of bitter oranges have been used as herbal medicine, since past thousand years to cure patients with high blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure


Oils from orange peels are being used for aromatherapy in treating conditions of anxiety and depression.


Flower Arrangements

Articulate cutting of orange peels and arranging as part of floral arrangements adds a newer style, shape, texture and color to the decor.

Flower Arrangements


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