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32 Benefits Of Onions

32 Benefits Of Onions

Where is a kitchen without two three onions in the shelf or on the veggie stand. Yes, onions have become a must in our day to day recipes and salads. Though the pungent smell might make you turn your head, its worth it !! More than the smell there are more properties of onions to be thought about before turning off the subject.

Onions also known as bulb onions used worldwide in all international dishes, comes from the Allium genes. They are the most cultivated vegetable among that genes. It provides special flavour, texture and aroma for the cuisines which makes it an unavoidable ingredient. They are always famous for the high level of flavanoids and polyphenols. With a purple outer layer they keep getting lighter to the inner most layer. Most of the onions are really difficult to chop because of the Propenithiol S-oxide gas which mixes with enzymes to irritate our eyes than makes us cry unintentionally.

From ancient times onwards, Indian culture have always decoded the true benefits of onions. Apart from consuming them the masala recipes there are more, onions can do for our health. One prominent ones among them are the anti ageying properties of onions and that been one of the safest methods for this generation.

Here we are going to help you with around 32 benefits of onions. This little vegetable can be used in face packs, oils, salads, recipes or even hair packs. So are you ready to see some of them then here you go…

32 Benefits Of Onions


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