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3 Ways To Reduce Triglyceride Level in Our Blood

3 Ways To Reduce Triglyceride Level in Our Blood

Our heart is a piece of flesh which is very small in size compared to all other organs in our body. But none can underestimate its power and contribution towards our body – its responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Located almost to the center of the chest – the middle compartment of the mediastinum, heart demands big attention.

For a better health and active life, heart has to be working smoothly and efficiently. So inorder to keep that little organ healthy, we all need to take extra care and time. Been aware of all other causes are also very important in this case like maintaining levels of cholesterol, pressure, sugar etc.. But one of the most common factor that effects our heart health is the presence of high triglyceride levels.

What is this triglyceride…?? Before knowing about the remedies to lower their levels, get to know more about them. Triglycerides are types of lipids or fats that are found in our blood. They store unused calories  which are not required for the body at the time of consumption in the form of fat cells to later provide energy in between meals. The normal rate that doesn’t trouble our health is less than 150 milligrams per decilitre, But when you consume more fats than your body can burn normally then this can increases your triglyceride levels in the blood which in-turn affects your heart’s health.

Consuming of low fat diet is the quick fix in this case. As the fat rich foods in our menu that tend to be very tasty can highly trigger the triglyceride levels in our blood. Reducing the intake of saturated and trans fat food is very necessary too. As with all diseases, exercise is the best option and most reliable way out off this. This ensures your body gets heated up well by removing unwanted energy and toxins. This also makes our body flexible and free from lifestyle diseases. Apart from the normal exercises, there are other home remedies like using  increase omega 3 fatty acids, niacin and other fibre rich diet.

Here is to know which all food we eat are entering the list. Here you go…

3 Ways To Reduce Triglyceride Level in Our Blood



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