3 Methods To Get Over With Pityriasis Rosea

3 Methods To Get Over With Pityriasis Rosea

Before, talking about the ways to get over with piles, it is utmost important to know what really is pityriasis rosea. Pityriasis rosea is a common skin problem that happens in the form of rashes on all over the body. At times, they disappear without any treatment but there are times when they become deep over time and last longer. Its first sig happens in the form of a single patch on the skin which grows in pink or violet in color like a rose. As the week’s passes, they become even deeper and develops even more patches. The common areas of their appearance are legs, chest, back, abdomen and arms. Sometimes, they even develop inside the mouth. These are generally oval in shape and when more than one patch appear simultaneously, they form a christmas tree like pattern. These patches causes intense itching and become even worse when body undergoes physical exercise that causes sweating. Although, the exact cause of this disorder is still unknown but it is expected to be caused by some kind of virus. However, you can always find a solution to the problem.

In This Article, You Will Come Across 3 Home Ways To Get Over With Pityriasis Rosea

1. Margosa

Not only it is the easiest but also the most cost effective herbal remedy on earth. Being used since ages, it has grown deep roots even in Ayurveda for it various properties that include anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. These properties not only will solve the infection but also elevate itching forever. What’s best is that you can find it easily and prepare the solution without taking much of your valuable time. In one bucket of water, add one sheaf of margosa leaves. Boil till the leaves start leaving color. Allow the water to cool and then take a bath using the water. Repeat the same remedy every day.

Margosa Leaves

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2. Natural Sunlight

Sometimes, we never know how easily solutions for such big problem can come easily. Yes, it is the natural sunlight available everywhere as the solution to Pityriasis Rosea. However, these days, it is no more natural. Therefore, you must know at what time you should be basking in sunlight. Expose the affected parts to sunlight every morning just after sunrise for about 10 minutes. Repeat the same process every day until they disappear completely.

Natural Sunlight

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera makes another herbal remedy for Pityriasis rosea. It combat the skin infection and also soothe the itching in no time. For best result, cut one big aloe vera leaf rom middle and apply the gel on the affected area. Leave the gel for about an hour. Finally remove with a bath.

Aloe Vera



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